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Hulk Hogan, 70, Swaps Opioids and Alcohol for CBD

Mary Ekundayo

by Mary Ekundayo

September 15, 2023 10:00 am ET Estimated Read Time: 6 Minutes
Hulk Hogan, 70, Swaps Opioids and Alcohol for CBD

Professional wrestling legend Terry Gene Bollea, also known as Hulk Hogan, recently mentioned how CBD has helped him deal with addiction. In an interview with Muscle & Health magazine, he revealed that he has swapped opioids and alcohol for CBD. Worthy of note is that the therapeutic value of CBD is being studied for substance use disorders. 

Hogan told Muscle & Health that he underwent 25 surgeries throughout his career and that he was prescribed opioids to deal with the pain. However, he kept on taking opioids after he was relieved of the physical pain. Reminiscing on his experience, he said, ‘There was a period of time, about five or six years ago, where I was in crazy pain to the extent I couldn’t even function. When you have back surgery, it takes a good year for your body to recover, yet they were cutting on me every four months. I needed pain meds at that stage, that’s for sure. But once things started to wind down, they continued giving me the same meds. It got to a point where I’d recovered from the tenth back surgery, and the pharmacy would call me and say, “Your prescription’s ready,” and like a dog chasing a bone, I’d go pick it up.”

Giving Up Alcohol

Hulk Hogan decided that alcohol was a negative thing that he didn’t want. This incident happened about seven months ago at a New Year’s Eve party. The wrestling champ stated that when he saw some things he did not condone, he said, “You know what? I don’t know how I got here, but I’m done.” Now that he spends time around people who don’t prioritize alcohol consumption, he has seen that it is better to stay clear-headed. He explained that he does not experience the temptation to drink alcohol anymore.

One positive effect of quitting alcohol, as stated by Hogan, is that he’s shedding some weight. He no longer eats junk food at night.

“When I was drinking alcohol, I’d leave [his restaurant and bar located in Clearwater Beach, Florida] Hogan’s Hangout after Monday night karaoke with a belly full of beer, shots, and liquor, then go home and sit in front of the TV with popcorn, ice cream, and chocolate. I’d completely swell up.”

Hulk Hogan: “When I’m Done, I’m Done”

At the age of 70, Hulk Hogan better understands that the use of opioids and alcohol led to decades of addiction. For him, the decision of sobriety was him letting go of vices he felt were destructive. His determination, however, comes with its ups and downs.

Hogan said that in his journey of sobriety, he has lost some friends, and he has gained some. “I’ve had certain wrestlers look at me in the face and go, ‘If you don’t have a drink with me, you’re not my friend.'” He’d respond, saying, “Well, I am your friend, but I’m not going to drink with you. What are you going to do about it?” Although it could be a little intimidating, he has always stood his ground.

CBD Saves the Day

Wrestling is a high-impact sport, and many wrestlers experience injuries that require surgeries and painkillers. Hulk Hogan added the vicious cycle he found himself in with prescriptions. “I was hitting the pain pills hard because I’d had to endure twenty-five procedures, including ten to my back, facial operations from being kicked, knee and hip replacements, and abdominal and shoulder surgeries.”

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The wrestling superstar explained that he had had no prior knowledge of CBD. It was Ric Flair, Mike Tyson, and Chad Bronstein, the founder and president of Carma Holdings, who introduced it to him.

“I didn’t understand the health aspects of what it can do for you regarding energy, sleep, or getting off hard drugs or pharmaceuticals slowly. It took me a while to figure it out. I had to do a lot of research and do my due diligence. I figured this was something that really would benefit a lot of people that needed help — and I know it will.”

CBD is derived from the cannabis plant, but it doesn’t make a person feel high when used. This product has been used to treat various health issues like chronic pain, insomnia, and anxiety, and its therapeutic value is still being studied.

Now that he has started using CBD, Hogan vouches firsthand about its value. He said, “CBD took me to a place where my joints don’t hurt so much when I wake up. When I pick weights up, I don’t have to do four or five sets before things start to become clear. I can tell as soon as the CBD hits my system, it calms everything down. The inflammation instantly went away with CBD. Usually, my wrists are swollen like crazy by the end of the day. Now they’re fine. I noticed an immediate change as soon as I started on it.”


All thanks to CBD,  Hulk Hogan said he feels better than he ever did in 45 years before being exposed to cannabidiol. He has mentioned that he plans to launch his own brand, Immortal, soon. What is known about the brand is that it would include vapes, cartridges, flowers, prerolls, KRATOM capsules, and shots.

Hogan hopes that his products will help people stay away from prescription meds, opioids, and hardcore drugs. Also, he gives specific details on how CBD is a good replacement for opioids.

“We’ve found CBD is a logical alternative to prescription drugs that helps people to wind down slowly. I’m really focusing on helping people with their health, whether that’s guys coming back from the war, hardcore drug users, or people who’ve got themselves into the prescription trap following illness or anxiety. CBD is amazing for sleep and can also help overcome alcohol abuse.”

If you’re interested in trying medical cannabis for chronic pain, make an appointment with an MMJ doctor in your state today to discuss your needs.

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