Meet SPARC – The Hottest Pot Shop in San Francisco

SPARC is a nonprofit collective dedicated to providing lab-tested, affordable, high quality cannabis and subsidized health services to our members.

Cannabis dispensary sets the standard.

SPARC of San Francisco is quickly becoming the premier pot shop in northern California. The establishment began in 2001 and first focused on serving low-income patients with pains such as chronic and terminal illnesses. As the flame of their fire grew stronger, SPARC then expanded through the integration of small patient collectives. Today, the company aims to educate and heal their patients as they not only provide a dispensary but a central healing center as well.

Along with featuring affordable, home-grown cannabis and subsidized health services, SPARC also boasts a unique attribute—it’s one of the few dispensaries in California to have its medicine tested to ensure safety and quality. Once testing is complete you can be assured there’s no mold, funguses, pesticides, or chemicals in your favorite strain of weed. The knowledgeable staff also measures the amount of THC in each strain. Using such standard analytical techniques also shows the presence of other cannabinoids like CBN and cannabidiol—or CBD. Such concentrates determine which type of strain best suites each patient. For instance, medical marijuana containing a heavy dosage of CBD would be more suitable for cancer patients than for those looking for a high as it’s a non-intoxicating. Regardless, patients are encouraged to check with their physician first before determining which type of medicine is best for them.

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