Rainbow Gelatti Cake Strain Review: Sunshine in a Bowl

September 14, 2023 12:00 pm ET Estimated Read Time: 2 Minutes
Rainbow Gelatti Cake Strain Review: Sunshine in a Bowl

Rainbow Gelatti Cake is a cross of Bacio Gelato and Ice Cream Cake that smells like iced tea and sunshine with peaches. The smell of the buds was very summery and sweet, as it faded into bright, grassy, herbal notes with lemon zest and raspberries. I noticed the deep violet purples mixed with bright greens that made up the buds of this aromatic flower.

The compact nugs encrusted in a light dusting of crystal trichomes and perfectly amber pistils decorated each Rainbow Gelatti Cake nugget consistently. The buds were dense and slightly sticky but broke apart nicely into frosty multicolor bracts as I packed my bowl. A sweet, berry-like aroma loomed in the air as I took my first inhale.

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The flavor was slightly spicy upfront with a strong hops flavor and notes of sweet, creamy citrus, like lemon curd, with herbaceous thyme and fresh sun-warmed blackberries. Strangely enough, there were flavors of peach and iced tea, complementing the airy smoke. The dominant terpenes of caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene were pungent. My mouth watered as I savored the aromas and flavors, and I allowed the effects to set in. I noticed this strain was a motivational mood booster quickly after partaking and that this was not a lazy day type of smoke. 

This sativa-dominant hybrid made for a cerebral lift that left me carefree and creatively stimulated. I felt eased anxiety, and the flower also seemed to have strong anti-inflammatory properties with 33.33% THC content, as it lessened my back pain noticeably. This allowed me to hone in on my day instead of being distracted by pain. The Rainbow Gelatti Cake also helped to relieve some mild depression and made me feel more serene in general.

Testing at 35.74% active cannabinoids, this strain produced an energizing euphoria and alleviated my anxious mentality leading to a giggly relaxed mood. I enjoyed it for a midday session with its energetic effect and appetite stimulation. I also preferred this cultivar while hanging out with friends or as added inspiration to some art projects.

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