Weekly Cannabis Roundup August 21


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August 21, 2020 04:44 pm ET Estimated Read Time: 3 Minutes

Anyone in Maricopa County who is arrested for cannabis possession can seek out a medical marijuana card to avoid prosecution of their crime. A Veteran was finally freed from prison for selling $30 of cannabis that was sent away for life. Lastly, Cannabis vending machines are now hitting the market! Thanks for keeping up with the latest in Cannabis News!

Video Transcript:

Arizona’s Maricopa County is taking a stab at cannabis reform. 

Those who get arrested in Maricopa County for simple cannabis possession can now apply for a medical card to avoid prosecution. 

That’s right! Any crime that falls under the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act will be dismissed if the defendant obtains a medical card and can provide proof by pretrial hearing. 

This new law should be mandated in areas where medical cannabis is legal and we are happy to see cannabis reform and criminal justice reform beginning to take effect 

If you reside in Maricopa County and need a medical cannabis card, do contact us at Veriheal and we’ll help get you squared away. 

A Desert Storm veteran serving a life sentence for selling $30 worth of cannabis has now been freed  

Derek Harris was arrested in 2008 for selling a half gram of cannabis to an undercover officer. 

For those unaware, a half gram of cannabis is barely the size of one cannabis nug. (this big) 

He was initially sentenced to 15 years but resentenced to life under the Habitual Offender Law

This Louisiana law allows judges to impose stricter sentences for those who have previous charges. 

Harris apparently had a history of nonviolent charges due to unmitigated addiction and mental health issues that stemmed from his time in the military. 

The district attorney’s office all agreed that he received terrible legal assistance during his resentencing and that his punishment did not match the crime.

His sentence was reduced to time served and he is now free.  

And last in news, cannabis vending machines are now available in Pueblo, CO

Seasoned consumers who don’t feel the need to interact with budtenders can now make cannabis products via vending machine at Strawberry Fields dispensary. 

The vending machines are made by a company called anna, 

Anna is a company that designs self-checkout machines specifically for the cannabis industry to streamline the long wait times that dispensaries often deal with due to COVID. 

And worry not, prohibitionists! The vending machines are located INSIDE the dispensary so it’s not as if that ANYONE can make purchases.

Customers will still need to follow standard check-in protocol for access. 

Each machine has a digital interface where customers can view menu items and add them to a virtual cart. 

The machine will then dispense products where the customer can then grab and go. 

Customers will soon be able to pre-order items using an anna app that’s coming soon. 

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