Weekly Cannabis Roundup February 5


by Lo

February 5, 2021 11:01 am ET

The man who took a selfie in the DC Capitol rotunda has been arrested, After several years. West Virginia finally makes advancements in its medical cannabis program and eligible patients can now register. Martha Stewart is starting a new CBD line for pets.

Video Transcript

The man who filmed himself smoking a joint during the Capitol Siege has been arrested 

and West Virginia is FINALLY making progress in their medical cannabis program

This is Lo with Veriheal keeping you up to date with the latest in cannabis news

Man Who Blazed Up During the Capitol Riot Arrested

We previously reported about a man who filmed himself smoking a joint inside the Capitol Rotunda during the January 6th riot

He posted the footage on his personal facebook where he could be heard saying “We made it in the building… we’re taking it back… Capitol building smoking with all my people!”

We reiterated his irresponsibility as a cannabis consumer since possession on federal land is strictly illegal. 

But now, we’re here to follow up and point out that he’s been arrested by the FBI. 

James Bonet’s video was identified by a coworker who later turned him in.

His coworker indicated that Bonet often likes to talk about conspiracy theories and likes to try and convince people.

The coworker was also concerned that Bonet’s video showed him not wearing a mask and was worried he’d be a culprit in the spread of the coronavirus. 

West Virginia FINALLY Advances its Medical Cannabis Program

Next in news, 

West Virginia is finally seeing progress in its medical cannabis program. 

For those unaware, West Virginia legalized the medical use of cannabis back in 2017

4 years later, the state has finally announced the list of businesses who received permits to dispense medical cannabis

The list includes over 30 businesses that are dispersed throughout the state.

Eligible residents are now able to register on the state department’s website to become medical cannabis patients.

The state will not allow reciprocity or offer any legal protection for those who buy products out of state jurisdiction

Martha Stewart Debuts New CBD Edible Products for Pets

And lastly, 

Martha Stewart has partnered with Canopy Growth to make CBD edibles for dogs!

Products will include 3 different types of soft baked chews and a tincture all coming in a variety of flavors and formulated for dogs based on weight.

She previously partnered with Canopy Growth to make CBD products for humans 

But she recently advocated for our canine friends, stating that 

 “Dogs, too, like to be soothed and calmed and made to feel better,” Stewart said. “Some dogs are anxious.Some dogs’ anxiety extends to getting along with other dogs. And all dogs just want to feel good.”

So be on the lookout for Martha Stewart’s cbd dog treats on store shelves.

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