Weekly Cannabis Roundup June 11


by Lo

June 11, 2021 10:00 am ET Estimated Read Time: 3 Minutes

A Massachusetts creamery launched cannabis-infused ice cream this summer, Washington state gets the go-ahead to offer joints for jabs, and Michigan held its first-ever expungement fair.

Video Transcript

Cannabis-infused ice cream hits the shelves in Massachusetts 

And Washington state is offering ‘Joints for Jabs’! 

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Washington State Offers Joints for Jabs

As the rate of vaccinations decreases, Washington state has stepped up to boost efforts by offering free pre-rolled joints to those who get the shot

Washington has joined the list of a few states who are now offering promotions for the jab. 

Ohio and New York are offering full-ride scholarships, and others, including Washington, have held cash lotteries for up to a million dollars.

West Virginia even offered up lifetime hunting and fishing licenses, and customized hunting rifles and shotguns 

President Biden announced even more incentives at designated vaccination sites such as extended hours, drop-in daycare, and transportation services through Uber and Lyft.

If you’re in Washington state, the incentive only lasts until July 12th

Michigan Had its First Expungement Fair

Next in news, 

the state of Michigan held its first-ever expungement fair to help clear out cannabis-related convictions.

The fair was held at a local police department but included some fun activities such as a dunk tank and music for those waiting in line. There was even a vaccination clinic on site for those interested.

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Expungement is eligible for some cannabis-related misdemeanors and select felony cases. 

Numerous attendees stated that their convictions had been sitting in their records for multiple decades and had made it extremely difficult for them to grow professionally. 

The Lt. Governor of Michigan mentioned in a statement that, “Michigan’s updated laws and events like today’s will have an immense positive impact on hundreds of thousands of residents who have faced a confusing and expensive process to apply for an expungement. There is more work to do, but Michigan is proud to be a leader in removing barriers to economic opportunity for people who deserve a second chance.”

Cannabis-Infused Ice Cream Hit Massachusetts This Summer

And lastly, 

Cannabis-infused ice cream is hitting the shelves at Massachusetts dispensaries just in time for summer! 

Cloud Creamery recently announced its launch of cold treats as the state enters its first heatwave this season. 

CEO of Cloud Creamery David Yusefzadeh stated that the company aims to elevate the experience of edibles from the current “transactional pop a gummy and be on your way” type of vibe. 

Ingredients are sustainably sourced and will start off with 3 flavors: 

Customers can choose from Tanzanian vanilla, dark chocolate truffle, and a dairy-free option mango yuzu sorbet. 

The ice creams will come in an 8-ounce serving size and contain 5 mg of THC


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