Weekly Cannabis Roundup November 20


by Lo

November 20, 2020 01:00 pm ET

This week in cannabis news, cannabis wins the US 2020 Elections, Virginia is quickly blazing through cannabis reform and the longest-serving cannabis prisoner is set to be released.

Video Transcript

Cannabis is the clear winner of the US 2020 Elections 

and the longest-serving cannabis prisoner will be released

This is Lo with Veriheal keeping you up to date with the latest in cannabis news.

Cannabis Wins the US Elections

Amid the tumultuous state of affairs of the 2020 Presidential Elections, the silver lining could very well be the brand new states that have legalized cannabis. 

New Jersey, South Dakota, Mississippi, Arizona, and Montana are the newest states that have either legalized cannabis medically or recreationally or BOTH! 

In a historical move, South Dakota became the first-ever state to legalize cannabis for BOTH recreational and medical use in one fail swoop.

Typically, states will legalize medical use and then adult use much later. 

But, it appears that voters are eager to accelerate ending cannabis prohibition. 

Do take note that even though these states have recently legalized, it will take a significant amount of time before the programs are officially up and running. 

Virginia Wants to Legalize Recreational Cannabis Use

Unless it’s Virginia…

Virginia recently decriminalized small possession and legalized cannabis for medicinal use. 

However, Governor Ralph Northam is wasting no time and has made it abundantly clear that adult use legalization is going to be on the table very soon. 

His recent announcement stated, “Our Commonwealth has an opportunity to be the first state in the South to take this step, and we will lead with a focus on equity, public health, and public safety. I look forward to working with the General Assembly to get this right.” 

This news came as a shock to some considering that the state has been notoriously far behind progressive drug reform.

But stay tuned Virginians! Recreational cannabis use may just be on the horizon. 

And lastly, 

The longest-serving cannabis prisoner will be released thanks to the efforts of The Last Prisoner Project

Robert DeLisi has served about a ⅓ of his 90-year sentence for nonviolent cannabis convictions, a sentence that is well beyond the recommended punishment. 

The 71-year-old also suffers from a number of ailments that further heighten his risk for contracting COVID in prison 

He’s set to be released sometime next month just in time to spend the holidays with his family.

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