Why Should I Have A Medical Card For The Next 2 Years?

Medical marijuana card's

Immediate Legal Access

Although recreational marijuana is legal in California and in Nevada, both states have indicates sales won’t be ready and legal until 2018. So the only recreational purchases happening are still against the law.


Lower Age Limit

Recreational marijuana will be available, but on to adults 21+. The medical marijuana programs allow for individuals 18 and older to become legal patients.


Pay Less Taxes

Recreational marijuana will be facing a whopping 20%+ in sales tax! While medical patients will be able to pay 10% less on all of their cannabis, that’s a no brainer.


Vast Selection

Many dispensaries are catered to medical patients and their needs by providing a wide variety of products specifically geared towards treating conditions, meaning they are enhanced in therapeutic value.


Purchase More

Medical patients may legally possess & purchase TWICE as much flower, and 10 times as much concentrates.

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