Kidney Disease

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Using Cannabis and CBD for Kidney Disease

In the United States, 31 million people (10 percent of the population) die annually from kidney diseases. A person needs to work the kidney properly in order to live. Symptoms of chronic and non-chronic renal disease include pain that may devastate the patient’s long-lasting condition.

Patients are prescribed opioids to help reduce pain by doctors. Cannabis is one of the treatments that can help people with chronic diseases. Research is still ongoing and some kidney conditions can be helped by THC and CBD.

What is kidney disease?

Normally we do not think much about our kidneys and the hard work our kidneys are doing for us in order to wash our blood by eliminating toxins and waste materials. Genetic problems, injuries, certain medicines or others may lead to kidney problems that prevent these organs from functioning properly.

Chronic kidney failure and acute kidney injury, but kidney problems are common in tumors, cysts, stones, and cancer. If the kidneys fail, dialysis or a kidney transplant is required.

The ninth cause of death in the US is kidney disease, which surely highlights the condition and allows for different studies of the kidneys.

Research shows that cannabis can be a safer option in chronic kidney disease than prescribes anti-inflammatory drugs or opioids. A better understanding of the effects of cannabinoids on the renal system, similar to current treatments, leads to the development of new drugs that can cope with very little adverse effect of kidney disease symptoms.

Can Cannabinoids Help Treat Kidney Diseases?

Results of a recent cannabis use study with its kidney effects were shared by scientists at the Kidney Week of the American Society of Nephrology in October. This study was carried out by a group at the Icahn School of Medicine in Mount Sinai in New York, which studied the development of cannabis disease among cannabis users. They observed that patients who used marijuana had a more quick decrease in the kidney function of chronic kidney disorder (CKD).

Another researcher from Joshua L. Rein, D.O., has advised Healio’s Nephrology News & Issues that the possible renal effects of cannabis in patients with a kidney disorder should be understood.

He said that some patients could use the medication in order to alleviate some of the effects of their kidney disease, adding “Patients with kidney disease experience significant symptom burden.” And symptoms include nausea, appetite loss and chronic pain “are all valid issues for medical marijuana usage.” Research has not shown that cannabis causes kidney disease or a drop-in kidney function in people who do not already have CKD. He suggested that further research is needed on the impact of marijuana on CKD and kidney disease patients in general.

While cannabis may not cure kidney disorders, patients will be relieved from pain and other disease symptoms. Because the pain is reduced, CBD can help a patient to treat while he or she enjoys life.

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Data Last Updated 03/16/2020