3C Compassionate Care Center – Joliet, IL

Located at: 1627 Rock Creek Blvd. Joliet, IL 60431

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About Us

3C Compassionate Care Center is a Joliet Medical Marijuana Dispensary. The Joliet, IL dispensary offers patients the best medical marijuana medicine possible coupled with a drive for helping any and every person in need. With a mission to make cannabis available to any suffering patient, they make every effort to educate, ease access for and heal Joliet medical marijuana patients through the power of medical marijuana.


When Illinois legalized medical marijuana, the founders applied for and were granted licenses to offer qualifying medical marijuana patients relief through cannabis treatments in Joliet, and throughout Illinois. The dispensary sets itself apart by establishing a personal connection with each and every one of their Joliet clients and potential patients. They strive to make Joliet patients feel comfortable and welcome when seeking cannabis as a relief, and their dispensary budtender staff has a deep, sometimes personal understanding of the discomforts of enduring chronic conditions. Their Joliet medical cannabis team members are more than happy to walk patients through each of their marijuana products, explaining the differences between strains and application methods, and helping them find the optimal cannabis medicine for their needs.

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