Curaleaf – Lake Worth, FL

Located at: 1125 N Dixie Hwy, Lake Worth, FL, USA

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About Us

Curaleaf is a Lake Worth, FL Medical Marijuana Dispensary. This team is driven and inspired by their patients to make a change in medicine. Their mission is to provide safe access to medical cannabis products and educate the Lake Worth, FL medical marijuana community.  The dispensary core is their belief that living better is just as important as living longer, and their compassionate team provides the tools Lake Worth patients need to increase their quality of life holistically.


Through cannabinoid therapies of the highest quality, they help their patrons restore wellness and connect with their true selves. The moment patents enter the dispensary at  Lake Worth they are greeted by a friendly staff member and ushered into a welcoming environment. They provide cannabis the right way.


They employ only the most qualified medical experts and cultivators to ensure safe, quality medicine and an enjoyable customer experience. The company’s leadership understands the intricacies involved with producing and selling marijuana medicine, so all levels of the company work in harmony.

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