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Etain is a Kingston Medical Marijuana Dispensary offers qualifying medical marijuana patients throughout the Kingston, NY and Woodstock areas access to safe, pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis products. Committed to advocacy, patient education, and patient wellness, they provide New York medical marijuana patients the tools and knowledge to help them improve their health and overcome debilitating diseases. With dispensary locations in Kingston, Yonkers, New York, and Syracuse they are providing compassionate care to the patients of New York State. They are a family owned and operated organization.


They have been, and always will be, a family-oriented company that looks to improve the lives of their patients and patients suffering from debilitating illnesses everywhere. The team is comprised of a diverse, well-qualified group of pharmacists and medical cannabis professionals. Their employees are committed to the mission of providing the highest quality medical marijuana products available, and pride themselves on informed knowledge about the cannabis coupled with compassionate dedication to their clientele.


The Kingston dispensary team is first-in-class for medical marijuana info, as they take time to ensure their patients understand their medications and value their customer service foremost amongst the services they provide.

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