HCI Alternatives – Springfield, IL

Located at: 628 E. Adams St. Springfield, IL 62701

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About Us

HCI Alternatives is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary located in Springfield, IL. At this dispensary, patients and their wellness come first. They are committed in making their patients feel welcome and comfortable, providing a safe dispensary environment in Springfield, Illinois for them to legally purchase high-quality medical cannabis and regain their quality of life.


Their every move is all about the patient. Their clinic is designed like a doctor’s office, with clean areas and private rooms for patients to individually speak with their patient care technicians. Each member of their staff is highly knowledgeable regarding cannabis’ medical applications, and they work hard to find what the best medicine is and what methods are right for each patient.


Their dispensary team passionately believes in the usefulness with medical marijuana, a medication that is been used for thousands of years with great success. They are grateful to have helped their patients achieve real results, finding relief and peace when they are often at the end of their ropes.

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