MOCA – Modern Cannabis Chicago, IL

Located at: 2847 W Fullerton Ave

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About Us

MOCA | Modern Cannabis is the most centrally located medical marijuana dispensary in Chicago, IL. Their primary objective is to provide a safe environment for their patients to obtain the highest quality medical cannabis products in the state of Illinois. As a pharmacist-led organization they possess a wealth of knowledge pertaining to the medical concerns of cannabis patients.


In addition to understanding the intricate symptoms of the qualifying medical conditions, their pharmacy experience will ensure that cannabis is being used responsibly along side other medications and eliminate any possibility of negative drug interactions. They will keep extensive resources on hand to educate their patients about the complex medicinal issues only pharmacists understand. The safety of their community is a responsibility they take very seriously.


Their team has decades of business management experience across multiple prodcuts. Currently, their principals are successfully and responsibly operating pharmacies, highly regulated types of business with many parallels to medical cannabis dispensing. Highly respected California medical cannabis professionals are working closely with thier group to advise on product and operational best practices. They are confident that this association will round out the robust medical, business and security capabilities of their dispensary.

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