Nature’s Alternative – Detroit, MI

Located at: 15837 Mack Ave. Detroit, MI 48224

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About Us

Nature’s Alternative is a medical marijuana dispensary designed to offer easy access to premium-quality and affordable medical marijuana in a clean and safe environment serving patients at Detroit, MI. Their dispensary adheres strictly to the regulations of the state’s medical marijuana act.


Their staff is compassionate and extensively educated to help patients find the most effective relief for their ailments. A wide variety of indica, sativa and indica/sativa hybrids are always available at this dispensary. They also offer a wide array of glass pipes, bongs and smoking accessories, vaporizers, as well as many other innovative and exciting products.


Their staff takes pride in forming long-term relationships, and they are always excited to help and educate their patients and caregivers.  They thank their community for allowing them to serve patients, and will always be looking for ways to give back to their neighborhood.


In this dispensary offers Patients have access to daily deals that can help them reduce their medical budget. The dispensary offers competitive prices. The staff is very nice and caring. The facility is safe, clean and well organized.

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