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PharmaCannis is an Albany Medical Marijuana Dispensary proudly serves the Albany, New York area as a premier medical marijuana dispensary, fully compliant with the New York Compassionate Care Act. Taking pride in offering professional and compassionate service to New York medical marijuana patients, they strive to improve the lives of their visitors by providing top-of-the-line cannabis medicine and spreading medical marijuana education and knowledge through their community. Their dispensary team originates from some of the largest healthcare organizations and service providers in the area.


This history gives them a unique perspective and connection with the needs of both their patients and the cannabis community. The friendly dispensary staff boasts a thorough knowledge base of medical marijuana information, and are more than happy to walk their patients through their selection.  Also they are highly prioritizes cannabis education, and their compassionate staff prides themselves on helping their patients understand how cannabis can fit their lifestyle, medical needs and conditions. Patients are more than welcome to come in anytime with their questions during business hours.

Open hours today: 10:00 am - 5:30 pm
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