Trulieve – Edgewater, FL

Located at: 103 Boston Road, Edgewater, FL, USA

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About Us

Trulieve Edgewater, FL is a Medical Marijuana Dispensary. They are proudly offers premium medical marijuana products, compassionate patient care, and knowledgeable customer service at their newly opened Edgewater marijuana dispensary. Operating in full compliance with Florida’s Amendment 2, they crafts pharmaceutical-grade marijuana medicine, and pursues their goal of aiding every Florida patient in finding lasting relief through cannabis.


This founding team rooted their company’s credibility by forming a team with decades of healthcare and pharmaceutical experience. Their entire team passionate advocate for marijuana’s healing potential, especially when compared to harmful prescription opioids.The compassionate staff at their dispensary strives to offer each medical marijuana patient the best cannabis experience and attention. They customize their marijuana treatments to specific health conditions, working with their patients’ physicians to find the ideal cannabis therapy. With an expansive range of knowledge, compassion the marijuana dispensary staff welcomes every visitor with a smile, committed to assisting them in improving their overall quality of life. Each of their dispensary locations are a safe and peaceful place where you can find compassionate care.

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