Dispensary FAQs

What does Veriheal provide for dispensaries?

At Veriheal, we work hand and hand with dispensaries, making sure all patients that are interested in purchasing medical marijuana legally have a way to meet with a doctor at their earliest convenience. We provide a platform that connects doctors and dispensaries via verification, and allows dispensaries to perform a seamless intake of new and renewal patients.

How Can You Help My Dispensary?

How many times has a patient called your dispensary asking what the quickest way to see a doctor is? What do you do when a patient walks into your dispensary but doesn't have a recommendation number? We provide a easy access point for you to manage/verify your patients and also send them to us when they're in need of a recommendation. Want to know who’s recently signed up under your dispensary? You can easily check the most recent patients who’ve chosen your shop and estimate who may be coming in soon.

What are the benefits of using Veriheal?

Our platform easily integrates with your website and knows exactly what patients have signed up to visit your dispensary. You can now send a patient directly to your website to see a doctor virtually, and keep track of where they are in the process. Patient flow will become very easy and you can decide if you want to reach out to your patients immediately after their consultation, or just wait for them to come make purchases! Have another sister dispensary? Simply let us know and we will integrate our platform into your website with ease.

What tools/gadgets do I need to get started?

Good Question. You're going to need two Lony X230’s, one XV2 Model 3’s.

Just kidding! With Veriheal being a cloud based platform, all you will need is a connection to the internet. Simply log in on our website under your dispensaries account and your in.

Another cool thing is the same refers to patients that come on our site. They can literally meet with a doctor right on their phone within minutes.

Who is allowed to use the account?

Everyone at your dispensary can log into your account. Simply give the log-in credentials to each member who you’d like to have access to it.

What is the cost?

Depending on your location, the cost may be free. Dispensaries that are strategically located in areas we deem as high patient influx use our service for free. Reach out to us or sign up and one of our representatives will contact you about the price in your area!

Can I verify all my patients?

Yes. Veriheal will allow you to verify a recommendation number for patients who come through our doctor’s network.

What are the main features?

Veriheal software offers medical cannabis physicians a secure, HIPAA compliant, cloud platform for verifying their patients, patient files, appointments and medical marijuana recommendation.

How is Veriheal HIPAA Compliant?

Under HIPAA Security requirements there are specific provisions for administrative safeguards that we must meet. These include technology access controls, physical safeguards, and administrative controls.

  • Unique user identification
  • Automatic Log off
  • Encryption / Decryption
  • Data Backup Plan
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Emergency Mode Operation Plan
Access Authorization
  • Log In Monitoring
  • Password Management
  • Facility Security Plan
  • Data Backup and Storage

Can my patients register online, so I will have all their information before they arrive to my office?

Yes. Veriheal utilizes this as a main functionality. For states in which telehealth is available you may already have their information transmitted to you as well prior to the consult. By the time they arrive you will have a complete patient profile available with all medical records and documents attached to it.

Can I embed the Veriheal onto my website and have patients start booking their appointments right on my website?

Our platform easily integrates with your website, meaning you will NO LONGER need to refer patients out to other doctors. You can keep them in your current patient workflow through the entire process! Veriheal’s embedding functionality allows you to send patients directly to your website and with with a doctor instantly. We offer a quick and easy fix to patient management problems by allowing the medical consultation process become a part of the full ecosystem that you will own. Have another sister dispensary or multiple websites? Simply let us know and we will integrate our platform into your website with ease.