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Fort Myers is Lee County, Florida, United States county seat and shopping center. In latest years, it has risen quickly. The population of the town as of the 2010 census was 62,298. Fort Myers is a gateway to Florida’s Southwest region and Florida’s main tourist destination. Thomas Edison’s and Henry Ford’s winter estates are significant attractions.

Florida legalized medical marijuana when electors endorsed Amendment 2, the legalization initiative for medical marijuana in Florida. The initiative efficiently enables skilled patients diagnosed with a debilitating medical condition to use marijuana on the advice of a registered physician from Florida for medical reasons. Medical marijuana will be provided to the patient if the doctor thinks that marijuana medical use is likely to outweigh a patient’s future health hazards.

Where Do I Buy Medical
Marijuana in Fort Myers, Florida?

Where Do I Buy Medical
Marijuana in Fort Myers, Florida?

To become a medical marijuana patient in Florida, it’s a three-step process. First, you book an appointment with a Veriheal doctor who will review your ailments and medical condition. Second, once you are evaluated and approved, you’ll receive a medical cannabis recommendation from our licensed MMJ doctor. Lastly, once you are approved for medical marijuana in FL, you can buy medical marijuana any Florida dispensary in your area.

Places to visit in Fort Myers after
you’ve enjoyed your Medical Marijuana

There are great places to visit while in the influence of medical marijuana in Fort Myers, these are:

Catch Fish Off the Pier: The pier at Fort Myers Beach is the place to go if you and the kids want to try a little fishing without much planning or even a fishing license. All you need is right there on the pier and you don’t need a permit. Rudy’s Treasure Chest can lease one for around $10 a day as of 2018 if you need to rent a rod and reel. Also accessible is Rudy’s snacks, ice cream, bait, and water toys.

Become a Savvy Seashell Collector: Fort Myers Beach provides great shelling, especially on the island’s southern half. Start at Strandview Avenue beach side (in front of the Publix grocery shop) and start walking along the beach south. The Sanibel National Shell Museum of Bailey-Matthews also offers guided beach walks with experts to help you identify your discoveries. Note that state regulations in Florida ban the collection of live animals including live shells, dollars in sand, and starfish.

Hang Out in Times Square: This palm-studded pedestrian area known as Times Square is regarded to be the epicenter of Fort Myers Beach, far from its neon-lit counterpart in New York City. Here you will find outdoor restaurants, cute shops and street performers, and it’s a great place to have a meal and hang out. Try Pete’s Time-Out for an old-school dinner, al fresco, or Fresh Catch Bistro for sizzling steaks and local fish.

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After a Veriheal doctor approves you for medical marijuana in Florida, you'll be able to access local dispensaries in Fort Myers.

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After a Veriheal doctor approves you for medical marijuana in Florida, you'll be able to access local dispensaries in Fort Myers.

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