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The Best Medical Marijuana Doctors in Lowell

Looking to make an appointment to get approved for medical marijuana this week? Use Veriheal to find licensed cannabis doctors in Lowell that can get you approved in no time. The process is simple and secure – we’ll help you from start to finish.

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Lowell is a U.S. town. Massachusetts ‘ Commonwealth. Lowell was a seat of the county until 1999 when Massachusetts dissolved the county government. It is the fourth largest town in Massachusetts with an estimated population of 109,945 in 2014 and the second largest in the Boston Metropolitan Statistical Area. As part of the Lowell National Historical Park, Lowell also presently has 39 areas on the National Register of Historic Places among the many tourist attractions. Medicinal cannabis, or medicinal marijuana, is a treatment that in latest years has attracted much domestic attention. In 2012, Massachusetts became the eighteenth state in which medical marijuana was legalized. Nearly 10% of Massachusetts inhabitants used cannabis in the previous month as of 2010, and nearly 16% used cannabis in the previous year. Patients with qualifying circumstances can now buy from registered dispensaries for marijuana.

Where Do I Buy Medical
Marijuana in Lowell, Massachusetts?

Where Do I Buy Medical
Marijuana in Lowell, Massachusetts?

A doctor’s recommendation is all you will need to purchase medicinal marijuana in Worcester, Massachusetts. If you are not registered in MMP yet: Register with Massachusetts HERE. Send your number to your doctor in your portal or via email and you are complete. A physical card is optional but if you would like a hard card, you can order one from the state after your doctor has uploaded your information into the patient portal.

After you have your card, you can visit our dispensaries page, to start to find dispensaries in your area so that you can begin purchasing marijuana legally.

Places to visit in Lowell after
you’ve enjoyed your Medical Marijuana

There are great places to visit while in the influence of medical marijuana in Lowell, these are:

The Boott Mills: part of a large group of cotton mills, constructed in 1835 in this significant cotton town alongside a energy channel scheme. Kirk Boott, one of Lowell’s early mill rulers, was their founder. The Boott Mills complex today is Lowell’s most intact and is component of Lowell National Historical Park. It houses the museum of the Boott Cotton Mills.

LeLacheur Park: a baseball park in Lowell, Massachusetts, on the banks of the Merrimack River. Opened in 1998, this park is home to the Lowell Spinners, a Boston Red Sox affiliate. The seating of the park is raised above the field so all viewers can easily see the play by plays, while a large scoreboard sits in left field.

Merrimack Repertory Theater: a professional, non-profit theater that performs at the historic Liberty Hall, a 279-seat theater, through September to May. It is Massachusetts and New Hampshire’s only professional theater company in the Merrimack Valley region, and one of three members of the League of Resident Theaters in Massachusetts.

Find a Dispensary in Lowell

After a Veriheal doctor approves you for medical marijuana in Massachusetts, you'll be able to access local dispensaries in Lowell.

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After a Veriheal doctor approves you for medical marijuana in Massachusetts, you'll be able to access local dispensaries in Lowell.

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