Star Graves a breast cancer survivor talks about her use of medical cannabis and how it has helped save her life. Watch and learn from her story on how she switches from using opioids to cannabis to better her life.

Many thanks to Americans for Safe Access (ASA) for helping so many patients along the way and allowing us to document Star’s story.

Hello, my name is Star Graves. I am a medical cannabis patient advocate, I am also a cannabis advisor and I’m the also of five-year breast cancer survivor. And cancer is what led me to cannabis. Being a five-year breast cancer survivor, I went through a very horrific journey as most people do struggling with cancer. I had several surgeries, I lost count of how many and from the chemotherapy. I had fibromyalgia, toxic myopathy, and chronic pain syndrome. So that means that I have pain from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet and the pain just rises up and it’s constantly there. It just varies in degrees, whether it’s high or low but it’s always present. During the four-plus years, I was on opioids to help maintain the pain. I was on oxycodone, nucynta er daily, three times a day and I was bedridden and I was still in pain. On a scale from one to ten without the medication, my pain was at eight and a nine and with the opioids, it was a seven. I transitioned to cannabis, medical cannabis in April of 2018 because this is 19 and it’ll almost be a year but soon as I transition to medical cannabis; I got my energy back, I was able to do my yoga, I was able to move, I’m living my best life. Prior to medical cannabis on opioids, like I said very sedentarily. I was in the house, the only time I came out of my home was to go to doctors appointments. So now I’m a very active mother and grandmother and I’m out here telling everybody about medical cannabis because I want to help those who can’t help themselves right now. Like for the people who helped me when I was laying in that bed and they were out there pounding the pavement saying we need medical cannabis. Well, I’m doing that now because it makes such a difference in my life.

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