Still haven’t gotten your medical marijuana card as an Oklahoma resident yet? Was the process a little too tricky to navigate?

Well now you’re in luck. Veriheal seamlessly connects patients with licensed cannabis doctors, and the best part is, it’s all online! Yepp that’s right, you can have your consultation on your laptop from the comfort of your couch!

To get started today, head over to:


Once one of our doctors will approve you for medical cannabis and get you into a dispensary to obtain medical marijuana products in no time.

To find local dispensaries in your area visit:


If you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to reach out, we would be more than happy to assist you every step of the way.


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  1. Stacy Finders

    Thanks for sharing! I live in Tulsa so the fact that I can see a doctor online is extremely helpful. Going to book my appointment now because I need some real THC!

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