What is the future for Cannabis???

The future of Cannabis looks bright. At Veriheal we believe over the next 20 years that cannabis will be widely accepted. Once the Federal Government finally accepts marijuana as cannabis medicine, we will start to see opiate deaths reduce substantially. We will also see health […]

cannabis law

Thinking About Cannabis Law?

The Veriheal teams takes a visit to our Legal Council Ramsey Taylor to talk about the cannabis business and it’s legality. Ramsey will be answering some questions about how to start a cannabis business and also navigating legal opportunities. Follow Us: ► Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Veriheal/ ► […]

H Street DC

|vTV 005| H Street Festival 2018

H Street Festival is one of the most anticipated and highly attended single day festivals in Washington D.C. The festival is 11 blocks long and has 14 staging areas that are diversely themed and programmed to target the different segments of audiences. The staging areas […]