marijuana for pain

This Patient Ditched the Heavy Narcotics for Medical Marijuana

Washington, DC patient walks us through how medical marijuana has helped treat her fibromyalgia, cranial pressure, and several other conditions that she had previously been prescribed heavy doses of opioids and other addictive pharmaceuticals for. One of the most common reasons people miss work and […]

cannabis stress relief

This Business Owner Uses Cannabis to Increase His Focus

Cannabis can do wonders for your mind. Marijuana can help give you better perception when talking about your emotions, making you more inclined to see things in a happier perspective. The results when we talk about the mind also reflect on relieving anxiety and stress […]

marijuana patient stories

Medical Marijuana Patient Stories Launching This Spring!

To say that medical marijuana is making a comeback would be an gross understatement. Since California enacted a medical marijuana law in 1996, 29+ other states and the District of Columbia have followed suit, with eight of them passing laws in the past four years alone. A […]