The Veriheal team was stumbling around Montgomery County, Maryland today and bumped into a Vet that asked if he could share his story. As you can see, the power of cannabis and its benefits bring some very strong and real emotions out of those who are extremely reluctant to have access to dispensaries.

It’s not everyday that we get a veteran to open up about their cannabis usage. It is our hope that with these videos we can positively influence at least one other person out there to find the healing that they deserve through medical marijuana.



    I also have post traumatic stress syndrome

  2. Tyler Burger

    Hi my name is Tyler Burger and I have ptsd. Also 2011 I had back surgery and a stroke I struggle was trying to seek professional help through the cannabis dispensaries I put my name here this and that but I can’t seem to get in or am I just through waiting on whatever it has to be done. I have treated myself or more less dealt with the my life the way it was after my brother passed in 2010 but I don’t want to be just another person who loses their mind on these prescription drugs they want to give. Nothing is ever Works more then cannabis please help me if u can or point me in that direction please. I live in Baltimore city Maryland.

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