New England Reserve Old Town, ME

Located at: 983 Stillwater Ave

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About Us

New England Reserve is a unique medical cannabis dispensary dedicated to improving the health of all patients at Old Town, ME. This is a medical marijuana provisioning center offering an extensive variety of premium quality products. They also offer patients various kinds of special deals. First-time patients enjoy a free gift when they place a minimum order.


The team strives to bring new products into the dispensary every week so their clients can enjoy the best-quality cannabis strains and products to treat their conditions. They also provide patients with special deals which encourage them to keep coming back to enjoy excellent customer service. Patients have access to a wide variety of medical marijuana products including over 27 flowers, topicals, concentrates, edibles and accessories.


A frequent visitors program offers a special discount to patients who regularly buy their supplies from the dispensary. Veterans enjoy a special discount on their purchases. They are dedicated to the health and well-being of their patients and strive to distinguish themselves from all other dispensaries you may have visited, offering only the highest quality medicine in an inviting, relaxed environment.

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