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12 May, 2020
How The Cannabis Industry Pivots, Shows Resilience In The Face Of Uncertainty

Veriheal, a canna-tech company that helps people easily apply for a medical marijuana card, has seen a surge in applications since the pandemic started. Veriheal’s co-founder Joshua Green describes, “Our business strategically pivoted from being 50 percent online and 50 percent in-person, to now being 90 percent online. It’s been a huge jump of responsibility for our daily operations, but luckily our in-house software allows us to scale without any hiccups. So how have we adjusted? We leaned on our teams and our current technologies to solve complex problems during this time.”

8 May, 2020
Inside the Veriheal EHR That Doctors Are Using for Their Cannabis Appointments

‘Veriheal is one of the top cannabis platforms in the US and has positioned itself over the years as the go-to source for everything medical cannabis-related. They pride themselves on providing medical cannabis users with quick access to doctors, helping them schedule appointments, and ultimately assisting prospective patients with applying for their medical marijuana cards. The Veriheal network encompasses some of the top doctors in the nation who are well educated in the implications of medical cannabis, thus making certifying patients easier.’

2 May, 2020
The Week In Cannabis: Stocks Back Down, New Corporate Shakeups, M&A, And Policy Moves Around The World

“Education is the cornerstone of progress. One step forward can rewrite history. We want to enable students to not just take one step forward, but take a thousand steps forward,” Joshua Green, co-founder of Veriheal, told Benzinga. “If we can enhance their matriculation through college and support their cannabis passions, then we can affect positive change in hopes that their discoveries and technology will pay itself forward.”

24 April, 2020
A Network of Cannabis doctors are Flocking to the Veriheal Platform

‘Now, prospective marijuana patients can apply for marijuana cards without having physical contact with a physician, all they need do is use a capable cannabis consultancy agency. The agency would bridge the gap by finding a licensed physician within their state. This is exactly what Veriheal has done, and it’s starting to pay off.’

20 December, 2019
Veriheal is Making Professional Cannabis Education More Accessible

‘In an effort to further deteriorate the stigma associated and enlighten those who are interested for medical purposes, it is pertinent for proper cannabis education to be widely available. One company is taking this task head on to pave the way for others. Where technology, education, and cannabis converge is a cutting-edge telemedicine platform called Veriheal.’

18 December, 2019
A Highly Innovative MD Cannatech Platform

‘Veriheal is an innovative cannatech platform that connects prospective patients with licensed doctors that will approve them for their state’s medical cannabis program. Veriheal aims to educate the public about cannabis and is eager to encourage them on their path to healing. Thus, they are willing to take it to the next level by introducing a new state of the art service you won’t be able to find elsewhere.’

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