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How to Get a NY Medical Marijuana Card

  • STEP 1:


    Schedule an appointment to see a doctor in NY through Veriheal at a time that is most convenient for you. Our team is on standby waiting to help you get a consultation date set.

    Consult with a doctor online for 10-15 mins to evaluate your ailments, and ask any questions you may have about medical marijuana treatment.

  • STEP 2:


    After the doctor approves you, you will receive a "Patient ID." You'll use this number and the information provided to you from Veriheal in order to register with the NY DOH and complete your application online with the state.

    Patient's in NY must be able to prove New York residency to be approved into the program.

  • STEP 3:


    Once you are approved and registered with the New York DOH, you'll wait for your New York medical marijuana card to come in the mail in 1-2 weeks. You can then begin buying cannabis legally from any dispensary in New York.

    A NY patient will need to be re-certified annually by a licensed physician. Veriheal will get in touch with you when your certification is approaching its expiration to help you setup a renewal consultation.

What You Get Using Veriheal in New York

Medical Cannabis Recommendation
Cannabis Consultation
Digital Cannabis Certification
New Patients & Renewals Welcome
100% Money-Back Guarantee
24/7 Customer Service

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July 20, 2019

"Friendly and helpful service"

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"Excellent response to my request for medical marijuana. Chat line was excellent in answering my questions."

- Thomas C.

September 08, 2019

“Had a chance to get approved for medical cannabis online, was a great experience and very simple. Had a few questions and they answered them all promptly and now I can go to my local dispensary!"

- Ted W.

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Still not sure about the process?

Watch this video to learn more about getting a medical marijuana card in New York.

About Medical Marijuana New York

New York’s medical marijuana program opened in July of 2014, and Veriheal was quick to jump on board and begin certifying patients to use marijuana legally. When Gov. Cuomo signed the Compassionate Care Act (S7923), which created legal protection for patients and caregivers by authorizing the state to license and regulate registered organizations to cultivate and ultimately sell medical cannabis to patients. Patients must obtain a physical identification card from the NY DOH after getting written certification from their physician, of which Veriheal will guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

In order to certify patients for the use of medical marijuana, physicians are required to take an educational course on the program and the use of marijuana, have medical expertise in the qualifying condition for which they can recommend cannabis, and finally, they must provide continuous care to the patient. Physicians will also explicitly state the dosage on the patient’s recommendation, which determines the 30-day supply of medicine that the patient may possess.

Qualifying Conditions

In order to certify patients for the use of medical marijuana, physicians are required to take an educational course on the program and the use of marijuana, have medical expertise in the qualifying condition for which they can recommend cannabis, and finally, they must provide continuous care to the patient. Physicians will also explicitly state the dosage on the patient’s recommendation, which determines the 30-day supply of medicine that the patient may possess.

Patients must be certified by a state-licensed health care practitioner and must have a severe debilitating or life-threatening illness for which cannabis is likely to provide a benefit. Keep in mind that if you are not approved, for whatever reason, Veriheal will refund you in full for the appointment. However, you are more than likely eligible for medical marijuana if you have been diagnosed with one or more of the following severe debilitating or life-threatening conditions:

  • Cancer
  • HIV infection or AIDS
  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Spinal cord injury with spasticity
  • Epilepsy
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Neuropathy
  • Huntington’s disease
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Chronic Pain
  • Any condition for which an opioid could be prescribed (provided that the precise underlying condition is expressly stated on the patient’s certification).

The severe, debilitating or life-threatening condition must also be accompanied by one or more of the following associated or complicating conditions:

  • Cachexia or wasting syndrome
  • Severe or chronic pain
  • Severe nausea
  • Seizures
  • Severe or persistent muscle spasms
  • PTSD or opioid use disorder

Becoming a Medical Cannabis Patient in NY

To become a medical marijuana patient in New York, there are three basic steps. First, you will book an appointment with a doctor from NY who will review your ailment(s) and medical condition(s). Second, once you are evaluated and approved, you will receive a medical cannabis recommendation from our licensed NY marijuana doctor and be registered with the NY DOH. The third and final step is once you receive your medical cannabis recommendation, you can request your NY medical marijuana card online from the New York DOH. It will arrive in a week and you can then begin to purchase medical marijuana from dispensaries in NY.

Registering a Caregiver in New York

When a certified patient applies for their ID card from the state, he or she may designate up to two caregivers that will assist the patient in obtaining and administering medical marijuana. To become a caregiver, the individual:

  • Must be at least 21 years old, unless special permission is obtained from the Department;
  • Must be a resident of New York State and have a valid New York State issued driver’s license or a New York State identification card;
  • Must be someone other than the patent’s certifying physician.

After the patient’s application is approved, each caregiver must register with the DOH to receive a registry ID card that the caregiver can then use to obtain medical marijuana on the patient’s behalf.  Caregivers can follow the same registration instructions that are available for patients, which may be found here:

Like the patient, each caregiver must pay the $50 application fee unless he or she can demonstrate financial hardship which will waive that fee.

Renewal of the Registry ID Card

The duration of the caregiver’s registry ID card is based on the duration of the patient’s certification. Accordingly, a caregiver’s registry card will expire at the same time as the patient’s card.  After the patient obtains a new certification from the physician and renews his or her registry card, the caregiver can apply for a renewal of his or her card.

Regulations permit a designated caregiver to obtain payment from the patient for the following two expenses only:

(i)    The actual amount charged by the dispensary for the approved medical marijuana product purchased for the patient; and

(ii)  Reasonable costs incurred in the transportation and delivery of medical marijuana product to the patient.

Each designated caregiver must also comply with the following requirements:

  • Must obtain a registry ID card for each certified patient;
  • Must provide care to no more than five certified patients;
  • Must not possess at any one time a cumulative quantity of medical cannabis that exceeds the amount allowed for each certified patient;
  • Must not possess any form of medical cannabis other than those forms recommended specifically for the use of certified patients;
  • Must not knowingly share, sell, trade or otherwise deliver medical cannabis to anyone who is not a registered patient;
  • Must abide by the same reporting requirements as described above for patients, including the obligation to return registry ID cards issued in connection with those patients who no longer have an eligible condition.

Possession/Use Limits

The total amount of marijuana that may be possessed by a certified patient shall not exceed a thirty-day supply of the dosage as determined by the practitioner, provided that during the last seven days of any thirty-day period, the certified patient may also possess up to such an amount for the next thirty-day period.

Grow Limits

Home cultivation is not permitted.

More Info About New York

New York is one of the largest U.S. states on the East Coast in terms of actual area as well as the number of residents who reside in the state. NY is in the northeastern region of the United States and its capital is Albany.

While New York is home to many medical marijuana products and dispensaries, there are also many tourist attractions in New York. Many tourists like to visit Times Square and Central Park. New York is the home of the Statue of Liberty, a key symbol of the United States’ beliefs in freedom, equality, democracy, and opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first step to getting a New York medical marijuana card?

The first step is to obtain a Medical Marijuana Program Certification from a licensed NY physician that is registered with the state of New York to treat patients for medical cannabis. The physician must be registered with the New York State Department of Health’s Medical Marijuana Program.

How can I find a registered mmj doc in NY?

We provide the physicians for you! The most difficult part of the process has always been finding a registered physician who prescribes for medical cannabis, but now we make that much easier by allowing you not only access to physicians, but you can meet with them online via video chat and get approved then and there.

My primary care is not registered, can I still get a recommendation from them?

No. You can only get approved for medical marijuana from a practitioner that has registered with the New York Department of Health’s Medical Marijuana Program, and we provide that for you.

Does chronic pain now qualify me for medical cannabis?

Yes! New York now allows people with chronic pain to be approved for medical marijuana use.

How does the virtual video consultation work?

It’s a simple two-step process. First, you will meet with a doctor from the comfort of your own home, through video. After being evaluated your physician will let you know if you will be approved for medical cannabis, and if so, you will receive your official recommendation and approval for medical marijuana usage in NY. If you are not approved via video, your consultation is free.

How long does the consultation usually take?

The medical evaluation usually takes 10-15 minutes.

What if I am not approved?

If you are not approved then your consultation is free. We entail a network of highly qualified medical practitioners who are willing to evaluate any patient to see if they qualify for medical cannabis. We have a 99% approval rate so if you are not approved, you are refunded in full.

How do I prove NY residency?

1) A valid government-issued ID Card that states your name a New York address (like a driver’s license or New York I Card) 2) A copy of a current utility bill from the past two months that shows your current address 3) A copy of a current government document(incoming mail) from the past two months that shows your current address 4) A copy of a current lease or residential document showing that you live at your current address

I think I’m ready to get my card, how can I get things started?

Fill out the form above and we can get you approved in NY in no time!

What ID do I need?

Any valid government-issued ID showing a NY address.

What are the qualifying conditions in New York?

There is a broad range of symptoms that qualify that the doctor will approve. Ultimately, any chronic or debilitating medical condition will be approved. Most of them generally fall under the following categories: Anxiety Depression Insomnia Migraines Issues Sleeping Chronic Pain PTSD Opiate Addiction

What do I do after I am approved by the physician?

Once you are approved and receive your medical marijuana certification, you will need to simply register with the state of New York’s Medical Marijuana Program through the Patient Registration System. You can create an account here: Click the “Don’t Have An Account” button to create an account. Once created click on the “Heal Applications” icon and then “Medical Marijuana Data Management System” to register. Once you are approved by the state of New York, your ID card will be mailed directly to you and arrive in a week.

What is the cost?

The cost is $199 and that covers your medical evaluation, your consultation with a licensed NY practitioner registered with the DOH, and an authorized certification for medical marijuana purchases. For $379 you and a friend or family member can both get your cards for a nice little discount.

How do I submit an application after I am approved by the doctor to get a medical marijuana card?

Once you have received your recommendation, you can simply get to the dispensary of your choice and they will assist you in applying. You can call them before you arrive to see exactly what to bring.

Where are the dispensaries in NY? Is there a dispensary near me?

There are already tons of dispensaries all over NY. You can see a list of New York dispensaries here.

Once I get my card, what type of medicine can I buy from NY dispensaries?

New York’s medical marijuana program is still in its infancy, allowing all patients access to just a few medical cannabis options. If you get your NY cannabis card, you get access to: Tinctures, Oils, Concentrates, Topicals, Ingestables

What all do I need to purchase cannabis from a New York dispensary?

You will need your 1-year certification from the doctor(US) and your NY Medical Marijuana Card.

Does Veriheal operate in other states?

Yes! Check our homepage for a list of active states.

Places to Visit in NY After Enjoying Your Medicine

New York is a northeastern state known for New York City and towering Niagara Falls. NYC’s island of Manhattan is home to the Empire State Building, Times Square and Central Park.

New York City

The five boroughs that make up New York City have more attractions, amusements, sites, and landmarks than one could ever imagine. Perhaps the best shopping in the United States can be found here, with luxury clothing shops, technology, phenomenal books, toys, and homewares. Art lovers flock to New York for its countless museums and galleries that seem to be found on almost every street.

There are enough cultural events to keep any visitor busy, including iconic Broadway Shows. Of course, no trip to the Big Apple would be complete without a visit to the Empire State Building, Times Square, and the Statue of Liberty. With fantastic food, events, attractions, and more, visitors had the best plan to stay awhile.

Thousand Islands

Thousand Islands is a popular outdoor destination on the border of New York State and Ontario, Canada. The area’s peaceful bays and miles of shoreline make for a vacationer’s paradise. While most of the islands are privately owned, many are public and feature many popular attractions, landmarks, and amusements including historic lighthouses, castles, and museums. Outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, and diving are readily available. The area boasts scores of hotels, campgrounds, and golf courses while boat tours are one of the most popular ways to take in the islands. Visitors who take the tours will be afforded the chance to visit many islands as well as hear the rich history of the area. Keep reading for more great places to see in New York.

Finger Lakes

The Finger Lakes region is home to a group of 11 long, narrow lakes in Central New York. Famous as the state’s wine-producing region, the Finger Lakes area features over 100 wineries and vineyards. The Finger Lakes isn’t just for adult tourists, though, and family-friendly activities abound, including museums such as the Glenn H. Curtis Aviation Museum and the world’s largest museum of play – the Strong National Museum of Play. Many tourists come to the area for the beautiful scenery and outdoor activities. Visitors can enjoy biking, hiking, boating, fishing, and much more in the area’s state parks and other outdoor areas.

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