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How to Get a NY Medical Marijuana Card

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Schedule an appointment to see a doctor in NY through Veriheal at a time that is most convenient for you. Our team is on standby waiting to help you get a consultation date set.

Consult with a doctor online for 10-15 mins to evaluate your ailments, and ask any questions you may have about medical marijuana treatment.


After the doctor approves you, you will receive an official New York State Medical Cannabis Patient Certification. This certification will include your unique Registry ID.

New York does not require MMJ patients to register with the state, so a formal application is no longer necessary before using your certification. After you receive your Registry ID from Veriheal, you can present this documentation directly at the dispensary alongside your valid government ID.

The state has permanently waived the $50 application fee to apply for a medical cannabis card.


Once you are approved by a licensed New York medical marijuana doctor, you can use your Registry ID directly at any dispensing site. Simply present your certification alongside valid government-issued identification to purchase medical cannabis products.

A New York cannabis patient will need to be recertified annually by a licensed physician. Veriheal will get in touch with you when your certification is approaching its expiration to help you set up a renewal consultation.

What You Get Using Veriheal in New York

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Just So You Know...

  • You can book a combo consultation with a friend or family member and you EACH get $10 off your appointment.
  • If you are not approved for medical cannabis by a doctor for whatever reason, we issue a refund in FULL.
  • Your recommendation is valid for 1 year in New York and you will need to re-certify your license with another appointment when it expires.

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Quick and easy and the staff was very helpful I had a problem with the zoom call but they fixed it in quick min

Veriheal is very good the price is high but it’s a great people to speak with and you will get good support with them the only thing is price is little high.

Overall rating: 4.8 out of 5 based on 97 reviews

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Medical Cannabis Savings Taxes explained and the benefits of getting your medical card in New York

Recreational Marijuana Taxes in New York

13% (9% sales tax + 4% local tax)

Medical Marijuana Taxes in New York

7% excise tax


Estimated Savings Having a Medical Marijuana Card


Cost Information

Below is cost information for getting a New York medical marijuana card through Veriheal. When it's time to renew your card, we'll reach out with an exclusive price.

Medical Marijuana Certificate
Additional State fee

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Watch this video to learn more about getting a medical marijuana card in New York.

New York's Cannabis Program - Quick Stats

Total Number of Medical Marijuana Patients:


This number represents 0.62% of New York's total population.

Number of Licensed Dispensaries:


New York residents can purchase and possess up to 3 oz of cannabis at a time.

Range of Medical Marijuana Products Available:

Whole flower, ingestibles and gels, vapes, concentrates, topical salves, tinctures, edibles, and oral solutions

All formulations of cannabis are available in New York.

Average Price of Medical Marijuana Products:

Approximately $12.03 per gram

The average ounce of cannabis in New York costs around $337.

Number of Licensed Cultivators and Processors:


This number represents 270 conditional cultivators and 40 conditional processors.

Annual Revenue from Marijuana Sales:

$123 million (2023)

New York medical cannabis patients are exempt from at least 6% excise tax on marijuana purchases.

About Medical Marijuana New York

In recent New York cannabis reform, Assembly Bill 7795 permits pharmacists to act as practitioners, certifying them to consult and recommend medical cannabis treatment options to new patients within the dispensing facility they work for.

Additionally, Assembly Bill 7826 establishes reciprocity for out-of-state medical cannabis patients, allowing qualified patients from other states to participate in New York’s medical cannabis program. Visiting patients with valid medical cannabis recommendations will be allowed to purchase medical cannabis from dispensaries within the state, and may use their medicine in accordance with local laws. 

The Big Apple and the rest of the Empire State took its first bite of medical cannabis in 2014 when Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation into law. Ever since Gov. Cuomo has gone above and beyond attempting to legalize cannabis recreationally, even having a Pot Summit in 2019 with other East Coast governors.

In 2018, Gov. Cuomo added PTSD to the list of conditions, and in 2018, allowed medical cannabis to be used for opioid use disorder. As far as Gov. Cuomo is concerned, recreational cannabis would answer a lot of woes along with benefiting the physical wellbeing of thousands of citizens who suffer from a list of the state’s qualifying conditions. The second benefit recreational cannabis would bring in is up to 1.3 billion dollars in tax revenue, a number Cuomo predicted for 2019 to no avail. 

On May 3, 2019, the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) released guidelines for laboratory testing on packaged medical cannabis products.  The products to be tested include capsules, pills, oral sprays, powders, tinctures, topical lotions, vape cartridges, cannabis flower, and more.  These products are tested for cannabinoid potency, product stability, bacteria, mycotoxins, and containments through labs accredited through New York.  This is big news because testing confirms the safety of medical cannabis products for patients.

In September of 2020, New York released guidance for medical cannabis program research that is being done in the state, which now can occur with Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval.  This applied to both privately funded and federally funded cannabis research.

In March of 2021, Gov. Cuomo signed the Marijuana Taxation and Regulation Act into law, though recreational sales are at least a year out.  The law allows people over the age of 21 to possess, obtain, purchase or transport up to three ounces of cannabis.  It will apply a 13% tax on retail sales that won’t take effect until April 1, 2023.

Recreational marijuana sales are anticipated to begin in 2023, but no dates have been formally set. 

New York will also begin regulating hemp-based products, requiring these products to adhere to particular standards including, labeling, testing, and manufacturing rules

Qualifying Conditions

On January 24, 2022, The medical cannabis program of New York dropped the requirements that patients must have particular conditions to get medical cards. Physicians are now able to prescribe medical cannabis for any condition if they feel the patient may benefit from its use. Along with a qualifying condition, a patient must prove they are a New York resident with a valid driver’s license or state identification card. The state has permanently waived the medical cannabis card application fee. Before 2020, it used to be $50 every year. After approval by the state, the patient will receive a temporary registration card while the state prepares and sends them a medical cannabis state card.

Becoming a Medical Marijuana Patient in NY

To become a medical marijuana patient in New York, there are three basic steps. First, you will book an appointment with a doctor from NY who will review your ailment(s) and medical condition(s). Second, once you are evaluated and approved, you will receive a medical cannabis recommendation from our licensed NY marijuana doctor and be registered with the NY DOH. The third and final step is once you receive your medical cannabis recommendation, you can request your NY medical marijuana card online from the New York DOH. It will arrive in a week and you can then begin to purchase medical marijuana from dispensaries in NY.

Registering a Caregiver in New York

A caregiver must also prove they are a resident of New York with a valid driver’s license or state identification card in order to be certified. Additionally, the caregiver must be listed on the patient’s application in order to be approved. Like the patient, a caregiver can possess a certain amount of medical cannabis at a time on behalf of the patient, who they have pledged to the state to assist. 

When a certified patient applies for their ID card from the Office of Cannabis Management, he or she may designate up to five caregivers that will assist the patient in obtaining and administering medical marijuana. To become a caregiver, the individual:

  • Must be at least 21 years old, unless special permission is obtained from the NYSDOH;
  • Must be a resident of New York State and have a valid New York State issued driver’s license or a New York State identification card;
  • Must be someone other than the patent’s certifying physician.

After the patient’s application is approved, each caregiver must register with the DOH to receive a registry ID card that the caregiver can then use to obtain medical marijuana on the patient’s behalf.  Caregivers can follow the same registration instructions that are available for patients, which may be found here:

Like the patient, each caregiver must pay the $50 application fee unless he or she can demonstrate financial hardship which will waive that fee. As of September 2020, New York is waiving the application fees for the time being as part of the Compassionate Care Act.

Renewal of the Registry ID Card

The duration of the caregiver’s registry ID card is based on the duration of the patient’s certification. Accordingly, a caregiver’s registry card will expire at the same time as the patient’s card.  After the patient obtains a new certification from the physician and renews his or her registry card, the caregiver can apply for a renewal of his or her card.

Regulations permit a designated caregiver to obtain payment from the patient for the following two expenses only:

(i)    The actual amount charged by the dispensary for the approved medical marijuana product purchased for the patient; and

(ii)  Reasonable costs incurred in the transportation and delivery of medical marijuana products to the patient.

Each designated caregiver must also comply with the following requirements:

  • Must obtain a registry ID card for each certified patient;
  • Must provide care to no more than five certified patients;
  • Must not possess at any one time a cumulative quantity of medical cannabis that exceeds the amount allowed for each certified patient;
  • Must not possess any form of medical marijuana other than those forms recommended specifically for the use of certified patients;
  • Must not knowingly share, sell, trade or otherwise deliver medical cannabis to anyone who is not a registered patient;
  • Must abide by the same reporting requirements as described above for patients, including the obligation to return registry ID cards issued in connection with those patients who no longer have an eligible condition.

Possession/Use Limits and Cultivation

Patients and caregivers are qualified to possess up to 3 ounces of cannabis in various forms at home or in public. You may be able to purchase up to 60 days worth of medical cannabis instead of the previous 30 day purchase limit. You can smoke cannabis in the same places you are able to smoke cigarettes except:

  •       While inside your car or in designated smoking public spaces of foodservice establishments
  •       Cigar bars
  •       Federal property
  •       Places where smoking is prohibited under the Clean Indoor Air Act

Certified medical marijuana patients are unable to grow cannabis at home until the state issues regulations for it later this year.  People over 21 who are not medical card holders will be unable to grow cannabis until late 2023 at the latest.  When people can grow, they will be allowed a total of 6 cannabis plants including 3 immature plants and 3 mature plants.  They will also be able to have up to 5 pounds of cannabis in their home legally but will still only be able to have 3 ounces outside of their homes.

More Info About New York

New York is one of the largest U.S. states on the East Coast in terms of actual area as well as the number of residents who reside in the state. NY is in the northeastern region of the United States and its capital is Albany.

While New York is home to many medical marijuana products and dispensaries, there are also many tourist attractions in New York. Many tourists like to visit Times Square and Central Park. New York is the home of the Statue of Liberty, a key symbol of the United States’ beliefs in freedom, equality, democracy, and opportunity.

How to Renew Your New York Medical Marijuana Card with Veriheal

To renew your New York medical marijuana card through Veriheal, you’ll need to schedule a renewal appointment with one of our physicians. They can confirm that you still need medical cannabis for your qualifying condition and help you with the renewal process. We will remind you when it’s almost time for your renewal appointment, or you can reach out to our Customer Service Department so we can assist you and apply a renewal discount for you.

How Long Does a Medical Marijuana Card Last in New York?

A medical marijuana card in New York is valid for 12 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to get a medical marijuana card in New York?

With Veriheal, it’s easy to get your med card. The most difficult part of the process has always been finding a registered physician who prescribes medical cannabis, but now we make that much easier by taking care of that for you! Plus, you can now meet with your physician entirely online in New York.

With Veriheal, New York residents can start getting their medical marijuana card for as low as $37.25. There are no state registration fees in New York.

On January 24, 2022, the New York medical cannabis program dropped the requirements that patients must have particular conditions to get medical cards. Physicians are now able to prescribe medical cannabis for any condition if they feel the patient may benefit from its use. Along with a qualifying condition, a patient must prove they are a New York resident with a valid driver’s license or state identification card.

Yes, you can visit a recreational dispensary in New York if you don’t have your medical card.

Yes, New York has dispensaries for recreational cannabis.

It may be soon — New York lawmakers have approved a bill that would require public health insurance providers in the state to include medical marijuana as a covered prescription drug and authorize private insurers to do the same.

You can only get approved for medical marijuana from a practitioner that has registered with the New York Department of Health’s Medical Marijuana Program, and we provide that for you.

Yes! New York now allows people with chronic pain to be approved for medical marijuana use.

It’s a simple two-step process. First, you will meet with a doctor from the comfort of your own home, through video. After being evaluated, which usually takes 10 to 15 minutes, your physician will let you know if you will be approved for medical cannabis, and if so, you will receive your official recommendation and approval for medical marijuana usage in NY. If for some reason you are not approved via video, your consultation is free.

There are 10 Registered Organizations (Ros) that are approved to sell cannabis in New York. Each RO has up to 4 dispensary locations where you can purchase medical marijuana. Visit and click “Registered Organizations” to find a location.

You can contact each RO to see what types of products they have available. They can include vape cartridges, tablets, oral sprays, capsules, and oral powder. Cannabis flower may now also be purchased.

Once you have received your recommendation, you can simply get to the dispensary of your choice and they will assist you in applying. You can call them before you arrive to see exactly what to bring.

You will need your 1-year certification from the doctor (US) and your NY Medical Marijuana Card.

Yes, if the reason why you are hospitalized is related to a qualifying medical cannabis condition that you have a New York medical cannabis card for. It is important to discuss this with the hospital you are/will be in as they have their own policies regarding cannabis.

Yes. You can now purchase cannabis flower and are able to possess three ounces of cannabis instead of two ounces

Yes, the process for renewing your card with Veriheal is simple in New York. Annually, Veriheal will get in touch with you when your certification is approaching its expiration to help you set up a renewal consultation.

Data Last Updated 06/04/2024

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