Doctor FAQ

Yes. Veriheal will allow you to input your recommendation number and it will allow for dispensary verification.

Yes. Veriheal utilizes this as a main functionality. By the time of your consultation you will have a complete patient profile available with all medical records and documents attached to it.

Veriheal software offers medical cannabis physicians a secure, HIPAA compliant, cloud platform for managing their patients, patient files, appointments and patient appointment notifications.

Under HIPAA Security requirements there are specific provisions for administrative safeguards that we must meet. These include technology access controls, physical safeguards, and administrative controls.


  • Unique user identification
  • Automatic Log off
  • Encryption / Decryption


  • Data Backup Plan
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Emergency Mode Operation Plan
  • Access Authorization
  • Log In Monitoring
  • Password Management


  • Facility Security Plan
  • Data Backup and Storage

There are no cost to join the physician’s network of Veriheal. Everything is included in our team membership and we welcome new physicians onboard every week.