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About Us

Who is Veriheal?

Cannabis isn’t merely a passing trend, it’s a botanical marvel that spans centuries. Yet, its healing potential has often been overshadowed by stigma and regulatory hurdles, denying countless individuals the relief they deserve. At Veriheal, we’re driven by a vision to reshape this narrative. Our approach blends expertise and innovation to pave a clear path to medical cannabis.

With an experienced team of 75+ experts and a network of 400+ doctors worldwide, we’re determined to dismantle barriers to medical cannabis access. We recognize that the journey isn’t just about obtaining a medical cannabis card: it’s about fostering understanding, embracing choices, and tailoring care. Through our cutting-edge platform, we’re not just simplifying the process; we’re revolutionizing it.

The best part? We have only just begun.

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To enhance the lives of people worldwide by improving access to alternative medicine.


Our vision is to become a trusted provider and champion for alternative medicine by introducing innovative and scalable solutions that make a difference in people's lives.



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400+ Doctors
1.5 Million+ Customers
30+ Active States

Superior network of doctors and consultants

We only work with doctors we trust. We connect people with doctors who are licensed from the state(s) that they operate in, to legally certify patients for a medical marijuana card. Veriheal abides by all HIPAA requirements of retrieving and storing patient data in the safest and most secure way possible.

"My hope is that everyone can try cannabis for themselves as medicine, free from persecution or misinformation. Cannabis is a plant that helps heal people, and should not be viewed as a drug that damages people."

Joshua Green
Veriheal Cofounder


Super easy , fast and efficient! I would recommend to anyone looking to renew or to get started !

Carson April 11, 2023

Veriheal has been a game-changer for my health. They are very professional, and make the process quite straight-forward. My physician, Dr. Vanna Morero, is absolutely outstanding, thorough, compassionate, and knowledgeable. Since qualifying for my card, my fibromyalgia is finally under control, and I am able to fall asleep without the use of sleep medications.

Evana March 09, 2023

Man I absolutely love Veriheal quick easy simple way to talk to an agent or a doctor easy online platform awesome recommendations very understanding.

Marcos January 24, 2023

Veriheal is very easy to work with and everything goes exactly as they outlined in the instructions. I have been with them for two years and each time the process is handled quickly and with great respect. I would not use any other marijuana renewal organization ever!

Ed Aug 1, 2022

Was faster & easier than I could have possibly imagined! No issues, no nonsense. Had my card within 24 hours of making my call to Veriheal.

Renia April 7, 2022

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Committed to Social Equity

Veriheal’s dedication to healing the world extends far beyond providing easier access to alternative medicine. Just as the fight for cannabis legalization is inseparable from the fight for social equality — Veriheal’s mission is inseparable from:

The American Cancer Society’s mission to perform research and help patients get the support they need to survive cancer,

The Trevor Project’s goal of advocacy and education about the many obstacles America’s queer youth face today,

The Last Prisoner Project’s work of freeing the tens of thousands of individuals still unjustly imprisoned for offenses that are now legal,

And the missions of organizations like the Wounded Warrior Project, Alzheimer’s Association, FL CAN, American Liver Foundation, and much much more – which Veriheal donates a portion of our proceeds to every year.

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