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Edible Dosage Calculator

Infusing Your Food With THC & CBD

In this first section, you can calculate the potency of your infused oil, alcohol, or fat product that can later be used directly in your recipe using the second section of this calculator.

Cannabis Product in Grams
(Can be flower, wax, oil, etc)
Cups of Oil, Alcohol, or Fat
(Butter / Lecithin) For Infusion*
Total mg of THC
Total mg of CBD
Total mg of THC per teaspoon
Total mg of CBD per teaspoon

Creating Portions/Servings

In this second section, you can add the infused oil you made in step one directly into any recipe.

Teaspoons of oil in your recipe
Servings in your recipe
Total mg of THC in entire recipe
Total mg of CBD in entire recipe
Total mg of THC in per serving
Total mg of CBD per serving

*Cannabinoids are lipophiles and they bind very easily with fats and oils such as butter, lecithin, vinegar, and even alcohol. Whatever you use for your infusion, make sure that the cannabinoids will be able to bind to it.

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Yes, you can enter amounts of less than one into this calculator. Just make sure to enter a zero before the decimal point (such as 0.5 grams). Adding values less than one can be useful when you are using concentrates in your infusion.

If you have made a purchase from a licensed dispensary, they should be required to label all of their products with concentrations and lab results.

Every state mandates different labeling regulations. Stay up-to-date with your local regulations to ensure you’re getting the safest, highest-quality products.

Otherwise, you’ll have to rely on strain guides and estimates for where your product falls which will not give you accurate results.

The first step to making edibles at home is decarbing your cannabis–or applying heat to activate the cannabinoids in the plant.

Decarboxylation can be done through a variety of methods. Check out our cannabutter recipe and other infused recipes below to start making your own edibles.

The amount of time that edibles take to kick in varies from person to person. It can change based on individual BMI and metabolism, the potency of the edible, and what you’ve eaten before taking an edible.

A good rule of thumb to avoid greening out is to wait at least 2-3 hours after you’ve eaten an edible before increasing your dose.

The type of food you eat with your edible can impact the edible’s kick-in speed. Fatty foods and healthy oils help the edibles absorb into your system, and higher concentrations of THC can then enter your bloodstream.

If you eat healthy oils or fatty foods with your cannabis edibles, you may feel faster and more potent effects.

Yes, eating before taking an edible can prevent greening out and facilitate a more pleasant high. Fatty foods and healthy oils can help the edible hit quicker and harder.

Edibles affect everyone differently based on individual metabolism, potency, and the type of food you consume with your edibles. Generally, most people can expect edibles to stay in their system for 3-30 days.

Based on personal tolerance level, beginners should start with 2.5 to 5mg THC and wait 1-3 hours before increasing dosage.

CBD novices may feel effects after consuming 5-10mg CBD.

The standard single serving recommendation for CBD is 20-30mg CBD.

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Data Last Updated 10/17/2023

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