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Schedule an appointment with one of our knowledgeable medical marijuana doctors to explore the benefits of this amazing plant today! Our compassionate cannabis coaches are here to guide you through your medical cannabis journey with a private consultation.

What You Get

Whether you are new to cannabis and need to learn the basics, or are simply trying to achieve more positive cannabis experiences, the cannabis coaches in the Veriheal network are here to help.

15 or 25 minute one-on-one consultation with a world-class cannabis coach.

Deep dive into how cannabis could affect your specific ailment(s).

Targeted cannabinoid and terpene profiles that match your condition(s).

Strategic and carefully crafted action plan for your personal medical cannabis use.

PDF summary of your appointment with the coach.

Appointments available nationwide to all U.S. states.

The Future of Cannabis Care

As this wonderful plant becomes more and more accepted, research into it will grow, progress will be made, and the long-lasting stigma will be lifted. With this change, comes another level of specialized care that users can receive for cannabis.

Look at dietitians, nutritionists, and other specialists alike. They help you craft a regimen that helps you reach your health goals. That is exactly what Veriheal is doing with cannabis. We help you build that cannabis success plan.

Personalized Care

Everyone is different and can benefit from a carefully crafted and personalized action plan to help maximize their cannabis use. The effects of cannabis range between each user. You need to be informed if you are going to use this wonderful plant. Book an appointment with a world-class professional cannabis coach today.

FAQ: Building Your Plan

What is the point of this consultation?

Helping you build a cannabis and CBD wellness plan. Many people that utilize and are interested in Veriheal come to us wondering:

  • If they can follow up with one of our coaches regularly because they saw improvements.
  • How to not only start using cannabis and CBD products, but how to continually improve upon their daily/weekly regimen.
  • What the right dosing might look like and how to continually improve upon it.
    • i.e. maybe you are taking too much of this product, maybe you need to leverage more products with strains that contain
      a certain terpene, etc.

During the consultation, you’ll speak to a cannabis coach in the Veriheal network that has dedicated years of research to cannabis and CBD. They’ll help you analyze your current condition(s)/ailments, what your goals are, and how cannabis and CBD products can benefit you now, and in the future.

No, it is not. If you’d like your medical marijuana card to begin purchasing from dispensaries, go here. The point of the Personalized Consult is education-based. Similar to a nutritionist or dietitian, our coaches will help you evaluate how cannabis can help you and help you build an action plan that makes sense for you individually. You do not need to be in a state where Veriheal helps patients with getting their medical marijuana cards to book a Personalized Consultation.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you hesitant as to how cannabis and CBD might help you?
  • Is cannabis legalization confusing and you don’t understand what products are available to you and your condition(s) at this exact moment?
  • Struggling to find the right products, dosing, and daily/weekly regimen that is convenient for you as an individual?

If you said yes to any of those questions, there is value in speaking with a professional in our network at least once.

That all depends on you, your conditions, and your goals. Some people that choose to get a feeler for having streamlined communication with a cannabis coach often test the waters with a 15-minute consultation. More often than not, those same people come back to book a 25-minute consultation a month or two later to report and further optimize their regimen. On the other hand, those with an abundance of questions often choose to start with a 25-minute consultation so that they can take a very detailed look into their ailments and the breadth of options from which they can leverage cannabis.

As much as you’d like! Many people like to meet with a coach every month, and some choose to do it a few times a year. Whatever it takes to achieve your health goals and get you on the right path with cannabis.

This service is available to anyone, no matter their location. The consultation is simply a conversation with supplemental information about cannabis and CBD and how it can affect you as an individual. Besides that, it’s always good to be prepared! Cannabis is booming all around the world – so no matter your location – you may have opportunities in the near future to access these products if you don’t now. We’ll help you understand the laws exactly where you are.

Data Last Updated 07/24/2024

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