Santé Durango, CO

Located at: 742 ½ Main Avenue

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About Us

Santé is Colorado’s premier dispensary for medical marijuana products located at Durango, CO. This is a top-rated medical and marijuana dispensary in the Durango, Colorado, area. Their dedication to their craft is immediately evident when patrons first walk through the door. From the premium quality products to the dedicated, friendly staff, customers can expect to have their every need met at this dispensary.


They offer high quality hydroponic and soil grown cannabis, tinctures, topicals, edibles, concentrates, and accessories. They pride themselves on providing safe, discreet, and professional services for all of their patron. They have a unique high-quality customer service experience that is unparalleled in Durango.


They have a beautiful dispensary and their professional and knowledgeable staff offers premium care to every medical patient in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Their state of the art security system provides a safe environment for their patients to feel comfortable in. Their dispensary encourages all patients to ask a budtender or another staff member for advice or more information on a product.

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