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Partnering with Veriheal means becoming part of the family.

As a leading cannatech platform in the industry that supports millions of cannabis users every single year, Veriheal has been able to foster an audience that is continually looking to us for up-to-date industry news, the best products and services on the market, and many other avenues for exposure to the best and brightest in the space.

If you have something special, we'd love to help you make that known.



As the largest facilitator of medical marijuana cards in the country, we have a number of opportunities around reaching an incredibly desired and loyal cannabis audience. Quickly gain access to thousands of medical cannabis users right in your direct area and increase your customer loyalty pool.

Many of the patients that leverage the Veriheal platform are actively looking for advice on what products to buy, where to shop, and how to best meet their medical needs. If you are a dispensary, we invite you to start a conversation with us. You will no longer need to refer patients by word of mouth or risky digital campaigns. Marketing for a dispensary can be as easy as pulling the Veriheal lever.

Whether it be opportunities to list your location on our Dispensary finder, sending a targeted email to our audience right in your area, or closer identifying how the demand for medical cannabis products is changing in your state, we have something for you.



Have a new product that you’d love to spread awareness about to the hottest audience in the market? We’ve got just the thing.

Depending on the level of partnership you will be able to gain access to thousands of medical cannabis users to which you can promote your brand and initiatives.

Something else in mind? Drop us a line. Our collaboration does not stop at media. Whether it’s getting out into the community, helping spread medical cannabis awareness, we’re all ears.



Do you have patients that you would like to refer to us? Getting set up onto our affiliate program is incredibly intuitive and we can have you up and running in less than a day. Depending on the size of your followers and the expected demand for our service that your audience has, we can tier out a few options and work on customizing our program so that it best fits your needs.

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Veriheal is helping thousands of new medical cannabis patients get their medical recommendations every single week. The demand for qualified doctors who care truly care about patients is increasing, and we are helping to align the need. The Veriheal platform is available for doctors or medical clinics looking to provide medical marijuana consultations. Work from the comfort of your office or home, and provide convenient and efficient care to patients while making additional income.

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The Veriheal Platform supports over 3 million medical cannabis users every year.


Veriheal has helped register over 1,000,000 patients for their respective medical cannabis programs.


Veriheal has grown by over 10,000% since 2017.

Data Last Updated 09/20/2023

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