Get Your Medical Marijuana Card

Talk to a licensed marijuana doctor online & get approved or your money back!


per year

Individual Package

*price includes everything below

“Just For You”
  • ONE MMJ Card
  • Marijuana Consultation
  • Online MMJ Certificate
  • New Patients & Renewals
  • 24/7 Dispensary Verification
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee


per year

Combo Package

*price includes everything below

“For You & a Friend”
  • TWO MMJ Cards
  • Two Marijuana Consultations
  • Two Online MMJ Certificates
  • New Patients & Renewals
  • 24/7 Dispensary Verification
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

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How it Works



Provide a basic medical history and book an appointment with a licensed marijuana doctor. The $199 includes your
consultation fee, physician copay, medical evaluation, and approval recommendation.



Consult with a marijuana physician online who will evaluate your ailments and answer any questions you have about medical marijuana treatment. This can be either online through video or in person depending on where you live.



Once you are approved for marijuana treatment, we email a PDF of your recommendation right to you. Depending on your state, you will either be granted immediate access to dispensaries, or wait to receive your card in the mail.

veriheal online marijuana consultations

Veriheal Makes it Easier For YOU!

Quick access to medical marijuana

Our goal is to make the experience of getting a medical marijuana card as easy and simple as possible. Our group helps everyday people find cannabis physicians that will recommend them for MMJ within their state. All of our doctors are licensed in the states they operate in and understand that ease and comfort are our top priorities.

A simple solution to cannabis consultations

Consult with a physician online from the comfort of your own couch! We will get you approved for medical marijuana treatment in no time so that you can access dispensaries in your area and find the healing you truly deserve.

What You Receive For

1 Year MMJ Recommendation

24/7 Dispensary Verification

Instant PDF Download

Signed Certification

About Us

Veriheal is a medical marijuana network that helps everyday people find cannabis physicians that will recommend them for medicinal marijuana treatment and get certified within their state to use cannabis legally. Our team works closely with patients, clients, medical providers, and dispensaries to ensure that all of our patients receive discreet, safe, and sophisticated care. Every Veriheal doctor is licensed by their state(s) to certify patients for medical marijuana and have worked with thousands of cannabis patients. We believe in the healing power of marijuana, that everyone who needs cannabis has access to it, and for every patient to find the treatment that they truly deserve after speaking with our doctors.

Trust is Our

HIPPA Compliant

HIPPA Compliant

Veriheal has completed and abides by all HIPAA requirements of retrieving and storing patient data, PHI & EHR, in the safest and most secure way possible.

Certified MMJ Doctors

Certified MMJ Doctors

All of the doctors that we work with are licensed from the region that they operate in to legally certify patients for medical marijuana.

Secure Payment

Secure Payment

The Veriheal platform has undergone extensive testing to ensure that all data entered, including credit card information, does not leave the platform.

Approved Or Your Money Back

Approved Or Your Money Back

Worried that you won't be approved for cannabis use because of your condition? That's ok, we issue a refund in full if you are not approved for whatever reason.