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Chandler is a town in Maricopa County, Arizona, United States, and a prominent Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) suburb of Phoenix, Arizona. As of May 2016, Chandler’s Transportation & Development Department estimated the population to be 247,328, according to the official website of the city. For many technology firms, including Intel and Orbital ATK, it also has satellite sites.

Proposition 203 adopted by Arizona voters in 2010, legalizing marijuana medical use under the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (AMMA). To use medical marijuana, you must be a qualified patient who has registered with the Arizona Department of Health Services and obtained a registry identification card or medical marijuana card and satisfy the requirements for qualifying as an Arizona medical marijuana patient.

Where Do I Buy Medical
Marijuana in Chandler, Arizona?

Where Do I Buy Medical
Marijuana in Chandler, Arizona?

A physician’s recommendation is all you need to obtain your cannabis legally from a dispensary. To become a medical marijuana patient in Arizona, it’s a three-step process. Book an appointment to see a Veriheal doctor who will review your ailments and medical condition(s). You will also register with the ADHS as a new patient and upload a picture of a valid government issued ID that clearly shows your AZ address. Once you are evaluated and approved, you will receive a medical cannabis recommendation from our licensed doctor and be registered with the ADHS. Lastly, once you are approved for medical marijuana in Arizona, the state will mail you your medical card and you can begin buying medical marijuana legally.

Make sure you complete the Marijuana Patient Attestation Form: Must be filled out and uploaded to your Veriheal profile or emailed to us at before your appointment.

Places to visit in Chandler after
you’ve enjoyed your Medical Marijuana

There are great places to visit while in the influence of medical marijuana in Chandler, these are:

Saddle up at the Koli Equestrian Center: The Koli Equestrian Center, located in the heart of the Gila River Indian Reservation, is ideal for horseback riding fans of all ages. There are miles of beautiful landscapes and beautiful riding paths to have for the pleasure of the whole family. Qualified wranglers at the Center are always pleased to share their vast understanding of all you need to understand when taking one of their riding adventures.

Arizona Railway Museum: provides a intriguing glimpse into how folk used to travel by rail, and is a great learning experience, particularly for children. The museum is devoted to all South West U.S. railroads. As you join you will be taken back in time instantly as you see the range of artifacts and ancient railway cars, including a dining car, passenger vehicles and even a horse car. The children will also have fun ringing the bell of the steam locomotive! To answer any question you may have, the well-informed museum employees are there.

Chandler Fashion Center: the second biggest mall in the metropolitan area of Phoenix and it definitely demonstrates! With its amazing selection of stores, restaurants and beauty salons cleverly strategically located in the center of the city, it’s a very simple place to get there. An added plus is the fact that under the same roof are all the big department stores. An simple walk around, with spotless tile floors, cool temperatures, extensive food court with restaurants to sit down and a convenient play area for the kids, make this a wonderful experience.

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After a Veriheal doctor approves you for medical marijuana in Arizona, you'll be able to access local dispensaries in Chandler.

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After a Veriheal doctor approves you for medical marijuana in Arizona, you'll be able to access local dispensaries in Chandler.

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