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Sarah Welk Baynum

Sarah Welk Baynum is a Columbus, Ohio based published fiction author and experienced freelance writer specializing in long-form content. When she isn't working on her next novel or writing for her clients, she enjoys spending time riding and competing in showjumping or eventing with her two horses, Tilly and Letty.

Sarah Welk Baynum
Since May 2, 2024

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Healing Green: How Cannabis Transformed My Migraine Management
3 weeks ago

Healing Green: How Cannabis Transformed My Migraine Management

I closed my eyes, enjoying the minuscule relief the darkness brought to my pounding head. I blew out a breath, massaging my temples like that would magically make my migraine, and the slew of secondary symptoms it always brought with it, go away.  “How long ago was it that I had taken that over-the-counter migraine…

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