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1 day ago

Weekly Cannabis Roundup July 23

The US Senate has proposed a bill that could potentially legalize cannabis on the federal level. Researchers have discovered the exact origins of the cannabis plant thanks to genetic sequencing. And the US Surgeon General supports keeping cannabis offenders out of jail. Video Transcript: Senate lawmakers propose legislation that would federally legalize cannabis And a…

1 week ago

Weekly Cannabis Roundup July 16

Another celebrity joins the cannabis industry. The USADA and WADA respond to Congress and cause confusion over who exactly sets the anti-doping rules. And the FBI won’t toss your resume if you’ve consumed cannabis in the past. Video Transcript: Artist Travis Scott joins the cannabis industry and the FBI updated its hiring policy to include…

2 weeks ago

Weekly Cannabis Roundup July 9

Two US representatives called on the major anti-doping agencies to reconsider Sha’Carri Richardson’s ban from competing in the Tokyo Olympics after she tested positive for cannabis use. Apple lifts its ban on cannabis-related apps in its app store as long as they operate legally, and Connecticut launched its state cannabis website that serves as a…

3 weeks ago

Weekly Cannabis Roundup July 2

The UN addresses concerns over cannabis advertising valuing profits over public health. A Virginia organization hosts the “The Great Commonwealth Cannabis Seed Share” and gave around 10,000 free seeds this week, and the late Bob Marley’s family will launch a magic mushroom brand. The UN pushes for a ban on cannabis advertising And the late,…

3 weeks ago

How to Make Cannabutter – 5 Simple Steps for this Recipe

Have you ever wondered what it would take to make your own edibles at home? Have you ever been wowed by a friend’s or professional baker’s creations in a 420-friendly kitchen? Cannabis-infused butter, or cannabutter, is a staple ingredient for any edible chef, home-based or professional. Learning how to make this simple infusion will allow…