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2 days ago

Creswell Mansion Closure Reveals Growing Pains in CO Cannabis Industry

The Creswell Mansion has been the bleeding heart of Colorado’s cannabis industry for as long as there’s been (legal) cannabis in Colorado. And now, for the first time in 12 years, the “Marijuana Mansion” will no longer be associated with marijuana.  The mansion was originally built in 1889 by esteemed architect John J. Huddart for…

3 weeks ago

Meet Jessica L’Whor, Denver’s Top Cannabis Drag Queen

Denver’s drag scene is alive and thriving, particularly during Pride Month. While some drag queens travel in from far and wide for performances, others grew up here and continue to contribute to the Colorado culture throughout adulthood.  One such queen is the iconic local drag performer Jessica L’Whor. After spending more than a decade in…

2 months ago

Behind-The-Scenes of a Cannabis Grow Facility with Seed & Smith

As the top behind-the-scenes tour of the cannabis growth process in Colorado, the employees of Seed & Smith cultivation in Denver have mastered their craft. Their four daily tours (three on Sundays) are perfectly polished and streamlined, ensuring that visitors get as much information as possible about cannabis in a quick 45 minutes.  A few…

2 months ago

AJ Taylor Talks Therapeutic CBD Use & Cannabis Reschedule

AJ Taylor is a cannamom–but maybe not in the way you’d expect.  No, she’s not hitting the bong after putting the kids to bed. She’s not sneaking a hit of her dab pen before heading into the grocery store. In fact, Taylor doesn’t use cannabis for the psychoactive high much at all.  Rather, she prefers…

3 months ago

Cannabis and Sleep: How THC and CBD Help Me Catch Some Z’s

Can cannabis help with sleep? It is common knowledge that cannabis may have relaxing effects for some that consume it. Anecdotally there are claims that cannabis use may act as a sleep aid for those who need it—but what is actually known about cannabis and sleep? Indica has a reputation for making people feel calm…

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