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5 days ago

Weekly Cannabis Roundup July 3rd

A fraudulent doctor has risked the certifications of roughly 600 patients, Virginia officially decriminalizes possession, Colorado introduces social equity programs to help those with criminal records, and an NBA champion wants to develop health insurance specifically for cannabis users. Watch to learn more about the latest in cannabis news! Video Transcript The state of Virginia…

1 week ago

Using Cannabis to Help Treat Autism Spectrum Disorder

An increasing number of patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families are turning to cannabis as a solution. Especially since the current pharmaceutical interventions only assist in alleviating some of the related symptoms but are ultimately unable to address the underlying conditions associated with ASD. Although research on cannabis for ASD is still…

2 weeks ago

Weekly Cannabis Roundup June 26th

Do you think it’s ok for the US Attorney General to target cannabis businesses based on his personal opinions on legalization? Also, did you know that Portland City police have been earning money off of the backs of cannabis businesses? Thankfully, the World Health Organization wants to reclassify cannabis from its ‘drug’ category. Watch the…

2 weeks ago

How Cannabis Can Help Patients With Wasting Syndrome

Wasting Syndrome is a common condition on many lists that set out the qualifying conditions for medical cannabis. Many may not know this, but Wasting Syndrome is an AIDS-defining condition which entails undesired weight loss combined with a runny tummy or weakness and fever. This weight loss includes loss of fat and muscles, which in Acquired Immunodeficiency…

3 weeks ago

How to Manage Withdrawal From Cannabis Use Disorder

Throughout history, there have been contradicting sides as to whether cannabis is addictive or not. Some researchers and consumers claim that cannabis is not addictive and, from experience, it would be easy to stop at any given time, on the other, cannabis withdrawal syndrome and other researchers describe a list of withdrawal symptoms related to…