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3 days ago

Nebraska Pushes for Medical Cannabis, Tennessee’s THC Seltzers, & CBD Fruit Preservatives

Nebraska advocates are working to get medical cannabis on the ballot, THC seltzers are building buzz in Tennessee, and researchers tested CBD oil preservatives. Let’s dive into this week’s canna-news! Nebraska Pushes for Medical Cannabis…Again Nebraska is once again attempting to make legal medical cannabis a reality. The effort is being led by the group…

1 week ago

WA’s Cannabis Employment Protections, Psilocybin-Color Blindness Case Study, & Ketamine’s Rise Explained

Washington cannabis consumers gained new employment protections, a study investigated how psilocybin can help folks with color blindness, and ketamine is having its heyday. Let’s dive into this week’s canna-news! Washington State Bulks Up Cannabis-Employment Rights Washington cannabis consumers, rejoice! The Evergreen State is taking steps to increase employment protections for cannabis consumers. The recently…

2 weeks ago

Secret Service Revises Cannabis Policy, CBD’s Skincare Takeover, and Oregon’s First Psilocybin Facility

Federal agencies are easing cannabis rules, Kloris’ CBD serum received rave reviews, and Oregon approved a license for its first-ever psilocybin facility. Let’s dive into this week’s cannanews. U.S. Secret Service Revises Cannabis Employment Policy In order to keep up with the growing movement for cannabis legalization, several federal organizations have revised their cannabis policies….

3 weeks ago

13 Ways to Enhance Your High and Make It Last Longer

While for some individuals, a 10-milligram THC gummy can set them back on the couch for a good night’s rest that may last well into the next day, for other people, it takes a much higher concentration of THC to provide the same effects. For this reason, many people who have a high tolerance ask…

3 weeks ago

Study Looks at Psychedelics’ Belief-Altering Powers, Minnesota Inches Toward Rec. Cannabis, and Montana’s Cannabis Banking Bill

A study looked at the link between psychedelics and spirituality, Minnesota is closing in on recreational cannabis, and Montana is looking to make cannabis banking easy. Let’s dive into this week’s canna-news. John Hopkins Study Looks at Psychedelic’s Effects on Spirituality Talk to anyone who’s done psychedelics, and they’ll likely go on about how it…