Meet With a Medical Marijuana Doctor in North Dakota

Well, this is awkward.

It looks like we are not currently helping patients in North Dakota to get their medical marijuana cards. However, you can take advantage of our Personalized Consults as a North Dakota resident to better understand how cannabis and cbd may be helpful to you.


How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in ND

  • STEP 1:


    When we're booking appointments in North Dakota, you will schedule an appointment to see a medical marijuana doctor in ND through Veriheal at a time that is most convenient for you. Provide basic medical history and book your appointment with a licensed medical marijuana doctor. You will need medical records and the doctor(s) can approve any qualifying condition.

  • STEP 2:


    Consult with a doctor for 15 mins to evaluate your ailments, and ask any questions you may have about medical marijuana treatment. After the appointment is complete, the doctor will fill out a recommendation form for medical marijuana and approve you. Once you have this you can then use that to apply to the state.

  • STEP 3:


    Once you are approved, you'll register with the state and submit an application. The state will process your application and notify you of your approval and mail your card. Once you have your card in hand, you can begin purchasing from dispensaries.

    In North Dakota, patients will need to re-certify their license annually by seeing a licensed physician again. Veriheal will get in touch with you when your certification is approaching its expiration to help you setup a renewal consultation.

The Status of Cannabis Legalization in ND

Cannabis in North Dakota was legalized for medical purposes in 2016 but remains illegal for recreational purposes. Possession of small recreational amounts is a misdemeanor crime.

State marijuana laws vary quite a bit from one state to the next, with some states continuing to put people in jail for simple possession and others fully legalizing its recreational use. Regardless, marijuana remains illegal under federal drug laws that often run counter to state decriminalization efforts. Federal marijuana laws are likely to change, however, since there is more support among voters and because the federal government has decided not to interfere with state decriminalization laws.

North Dakota has legalized medical marijuana, but dispensary and delivery services are not yet open for business. Once given a doctor’s recommendation, North Dakotans may purchase at their nearest dispensary storefront or order for delivery when those businesses are accessible, but cannot be consumed in public.

Qualifying Conditions

Cancer and its treatments, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, ALS, PTSD, agitation of Alzheimer’s disease, dementia (or the treatment of these conditions), Crohn’s disease or Fibromyalgia, Spinal stenosis or chronic back pain including neuropathy or damage to the nervous tissue of the spinal cord with objective neurological indication of intractable spasticity, glaucoma, epilepsy, a chronic or debilitating disease, medical condition or its treatment that produces one or more of the following: cachexia or wasting syndrome, severe debilitating pain that has not responded to previously prescribed medication or surgical measures for more than three months or for which other treatment options produced serious side effects, intractable nausea, seizures, or severe and persistent muscle spasms, including but not limited to those characteristic of Multiple Sclerosis.

Any other medical condition or its treatment added by the North Dakota Department of Health.

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