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Beware of Fake Cannabis Products and Knockoffs Both On and Off Market

October 6, 2020 10:59 am ET
Beware of Fake Cannabis Products and Knockoffs Both On and Off Market

Knock it off with the knockoffs already when it comes to cannabis, people! Why is it that our lawmakers cannot realize that the legalization of this widely misunderstood plant would help stomp out the illicit market? The legal industry has a set of guidelines they must abide by in order to produce a product that meets safety and quality control measures. This cannot be said about cannabis products from street dealers in the illicit market. People are still flocking to buy illicit market cannabis products still to this day, not having any clue what could be in them. Some people purchase cannabis products from the illicit market thinking they are purchasing legitimate dispensary products. The reason for this is because dealers and plugs on the street have gotten smart about packaging their products.

Smarter Tactics Mean More Risk for Consumers

You can order slips that make your product look legit. You can package cannabis cartridges, concentrates, and even flower in one of many different colorful packaging designs to give it that authentic real deal dispensary look. The problem is these products have no testing. They are illegal and potentially even dangerous for consumers. There have been loads of reports about fake cannabis edibles causing illness and poisonings consumers as well as the heavily documented cannabis cartridge issue that was deemed an epidemic. For those of you who are not familiar with this issue; cannabis cartridges have been found to contain dangerous levels of vitamin E acetate in them that could potentially cause sickness in consumers. Products with these chemicals in them in legal markets have been recalled.

Documented Cases of Knockoff Products

Earlier this year in January, Michigan recalled over 9,300 THC vape cartridges. On 9/24/2020, the Michigan State Marijuana Regulatory Agency issued a recall on cannabis cartridges purchased from Detroit’s Plan B Wellness. CNBC covered a story in 2019 that uncovered synthetic spice that many people compared cannabis to be found in CBD vape and edible products. This would explain the buzz people were getting from these products. CBD vapes and edibles should not produce intoxicating effects with consumers. If they do, there is something wrong with them. According to the LA Times, back in 2019, California’s black market was flooded with counterfeit knockoff cannabis products. These products were cheap imitations of the real deal. The flashier the packaging, the more cautious you should be.

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How To Make Sure Your Cannabis Products Are Real and Not Fake

When you purchase cannabis or cannabis products, nothing is worse than getting home to find out what you got is fake. It would be kind of like back in the day if someone were to sell you a bag of oregano or some clumps of grass from under the mower, you’d be a little angry. Today isn’t much different. Don’t be fooled by flashy packaging that gives you a false sense of security. When you want to make sure you’re purchasing authentic cannabis products, purchasing them through a legal license dispensary is the best way to do this. Cannabis dispensaries are required to provide testing on their products. Some of them will test for cannabinoid levels such as CBD, THC, and others only. Then some brands will have terpene testing as well as cannabinoid profiles.

Certified testing should have online access for you to view as well. If you think that you’ve come across a fake cannabis product, bring it to the attention of your dispensary. Don’t just believe because you walk in the door of a cannabis dispensary that the product you’re purchasing is legit. There have been many fly-by-night illegal cannabis dispensaries operating across the country. As long as they don’t get caught, they don’t have to follow the rules and regulations that provide safe quality cannabis products for consumers. Skipping these guidelines and cutting corners saves these pop-up illicit market businesses loads of money that the owners get to pocket.

Inspire the Change You Wish to See

Promoting the continued prohibition of cannabis is only hurting America. It’s hurting the people, and it is hurting the economy. It’s time for Americans across the country to let lawmakers know they’ve had enough. Either end prohibition today, or you lose my vote tomorrow. If we vote enough of these individuals supporting private agendas out of office, the public will eventually see positive changes in draconian federal cannabis laws.

Speak up about your right to natural safe medicine. Speak up for patients whose voices have been silenced for too long. Stand up for our country and our right to be united in all things. No matter your race, religion, sexuality, or political affiliation, we are humans, and our right to medicate with a natural plant is something that the majority of us agree on. It is time we unite for change once and for all!

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A. Scott Fulkerson says:

August 21, 2021 at 12:01 am

One of the easiest ways to spot fake products: they don’t abide by the labeling laws promulgated by the state. (for example, Oklahoma requires , inter alia, the THC and CBD percentages on the label, as well as a predefined state symbol, and the grower’s state license number, the label can’t be obscured, and the label can’t have cartoons or anything else that might attract minors.)

Each state has various requirements as to what has to be on the label, and it’s a good idea to know them because most of the counterfeit products most probably aren’t going to get it right.

JT says:

September 9, 2021 at 4:26 am

Very well said! Thank you


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