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Levi Roberts

Levi Roberts (he/him) is a cannabis enthusiast with a fierce dedication to harm reduction. He hopes to be able to fight the stigma and misinformation caused by the racist War on Drugs by normalizing talking about cannabis and providing reliable, factual resources for those looking to learn. Levi is a Jersey boy living on Lenape land in Manhattan with his spunky partner and two goofy cats.

Levi Roberts
Since March 27, 2024

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How To Start Growing Plants Hydroponically
4 days ago

How To Start Growing Plants Hydroponically

Do you want to grow plants hydroponically but don’t know where to start? Hydroponics is a great way to grow plants, and although it has a learning curve from traditional gardening, it is fairly easy once you get the hang of it. There are lots of different hydroponics systems and a plethora of knowledge online….

How To Make Reclaim Edibles
1 week ago

How To Make Reclaim Edibles

Do you ever clean your rig and think to yourself, “Hmm, can I do anything with this gunk?” Maybe you’ve written it off as a silly high thought. However, you’re actually onto something. Keep reading to find out more about what reclaim is, how to collect it, and how to make edibles with it! What…

CBD vs CBN: What’s the Difference?
2 weeks ago

CBD vs CBN: What’s the Difference?

There are so many cannabinoids hitting the market these days that it’s hard to keep up! Cannabinoids are all the rage in the cannabis industry today, but CBD and CBN have escaped the stoner bubble and entered the health and wellness sphere as well. Because of this — now more than ever — people have…

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