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Cannabis Gift Ideas For Your Stoner Friend This Holiday Season

Haley Hansen

by Haley Hansen

October 11, 2022 08:00 am ET Estimated Read Time: 5 Minutes
Cannabis Gift Ideas For Your Stoner Friend This Holiday Season

Whenever fall rolls around, I start thinking about winter and planning what presents I want to buy for my friends and family for the holidays. It’s OK if you just shuddered at the thought of holidays coming up…but you still have a few months to plan. If you’re someone who is a habitual last-minute shopper, then this post is for you! Are you looking for the perfect gift for your stoner friend? Is your partner a cannabis lover? Do you have a family member or friend that just got their medical cannabis card? We put together a short list of three cannabis gift ideas for different cannabis-loving loved ones. 

It can be hard to find a gift for your canna-friendly friend, and when I worked at the dispensary, people always wanted my budtender advice to find the perfect present. If you want to be way ahead-of-the game and start your holiday shopping now, I’ve got a few ideas. Here are three present ideas based on your friend’s specific stoner personality.

Cannabis Gift: The Lighter Thief 

We all have that friend that comes by for a quick smoke sesh, and when they leave, you realize they took your beloved lighter with them. Hopefully, they just got mixed up and took your lighter along with their other things. These friends live in the moment, and they enjoy quality time with others. They love sharing a joint with friends and spending quality time with family.

A good gift for this friend is a lighter of course!  A 10-pack of cheap lighters, stickers, and stick-on gems costs approximately $10-$15 max and can be a fun way to customize your gift and make it unique. 

One thing that’s a hit amongst flower smokers and joint lovers: is a multi-pack of lighters.  You can buy them in bulk in a five or 10-pack of cheap lighters, then decorate them with stickers or gemstones. You can also use Sharpies and color directly onto the lighter to add a quick design for a more personalized cannabis gift.

Trust me, if you know someone who can never seem to find their lighter — this is an excellent present. Plus the lighters will look so unique, they won’t get mixed up with other lighters if your friend is lighting up at a party. Now they have a one-of-a-kind art piece for a lighter!  

Cannabis Gift: The Hippie 

This friend is always trying to leave things better than they found, and they may be vegan or vegetarian to reduce their environmental footprint. They love cannabis because it represents freedom and a lifestyle of openness and connecting with others. They value presents that are sustainable and have minimal packaging.  They care about taking care of their body and the planet. The perfect gift for this eco-conscious friend is a beeswax-coated hemp string which costs around $5.

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If you’re new to beeswax-coated hemp string, it’s sometimes referred to as “hemp wick” or “raw wick,” and it’s essentially just a long reusable wick to light your bowl. Some folks don’t like the idea of using a butane torch to directly light their bowl because butane burns pretty hot and can burn off some of the tasty terpenes in cannabis flower.  

So, to have the tastiest bowl and avoid unnecessary fumes from butane, some people will light their hemp wick and then use that flame to light their bowl instead of using a lighter directly on the flower itself.

Many stoners don’t even know about beeswax-coated hemp, but it was a HIT as a present when I worked at the dispensary. Several people returned to buy more and said they wouldn’t smoke flower without them.  

Cannabis Gift: The Tech-Savvy One

This friend is all about electronics. If there’s an app for it, you can bet that they have it already installed on their newly-updated phone. We all can think of a tech-savvy friend, but sometimes it can be hard to pick out a present for them. They love tracking data/trends and being as efficient as possible. If your friend is equal parts stoner and nerd, you need a gift that suits all aspects of their personality. A game changing cannabis gift for this friend is a Tesla-coil lighter or an e-rig for dabbing. The former is on the cheaper side ($25), where the e-rig can be anywhere from $200 or more. 

If you look up lighters like this online, you will find a variety of electronic lighters, and the Tesla lighter’s main claim to fame is that they’re windproof and rechargeable, so you don’t need to keep buying new lighters or fuel. It’s an excellent present for friends who smoke flower or bowls regularly outside. There’s no flame but a small electric current that lights the bowl!

This next present is pricey (around $200-$400). If you’re looking to splurge and buy a nice gift for your friend, you can consider buying them an e-rig, an electronic rig for dabbing. An e-rig is great because you don’t need a torch to dab concentrates, and you can also set the exact temperature you want and recharge the device.  

I have an e-rig that my husband bought me for Christmas, and it’s the most-used item in our house…plus it comes with an app to track how many dabs we’ve taken! I’m sure your canna-loving friends and family members will love whatever gift you pick out for them. As they say, it’s the thought that counts, and if you’re stuck and not sure what to buy them, you can always get a stoner more of what they love the most — more weed

Happy shopping – have fun!

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