CBD and COVID Hype, Amazon’s Support for Legalization, & Girl Scout Cookies at Dispensaries

January 28, 2022 08:30 am ET

Researchers told the internet to temper its expectations after a CBD and COVID-19 study went viral, Amazon backed a GOP-led bill to federally legalize cannabis, and a mother-daughter pair sparked a debate about Girl Scouts selling outside of dispensaries.

Let’s dive into this week’s cannanews.

Despite Social Media Buzz, Researchers Say CBD COVID Cure Not Yet a Reality

The internet was ablaze last week when news broke about a study that found cannabis compounds to be effective at preventing COVID-19. Lost in the media frenzy, however, was the fact that this finding wasn’t an end-all-be-all. Rather, it was only an indication that CBD’s ability to fight COVID-19 warranted further research under more rigorous clinical trials.

To date, CBD has only proven to be effective against COVID in a test tube setting. Further, the Oregon State study responsible for the social media bonanza used 98% pure CBD, which is nearly impossible to find on the commercial market. Simply put, you can’t just buy a COVID cure at your nearest dispensary.

Nevertheless, CBD and other cannabis compounds may still prove to be effective COVID treatments. A separate study from the University of Chicago (UofC) is further showing that CBD deserves to be studied in clinical trials.

The UofC study found that CBD was able to stop COVID cells from multiplying in a test tube setting. In addition to these two active U.S. studies, researchers in Israel and Brazil are similarly looking to test CBD’s potential to fight COVID. Make sure to follow Veriheal to be the first to hear about the findings of these studies as they reach their conclusions. 

Amazon Publicly Endorses Republican-led Federal Cannabis Legalization Bill

Earlier this week, Amazon announced its endorsement of a GOP-led bill that would federally legalize marijuana. The States Reform Act was introduced to Congress by Rep. Nancy Mace of South Carolina in November 2021.

The bill seeks to remove cannabis from the Schedule I substance list and introduce a 3% federal tax on its sales. The revenue from its excise tax will go to law enforcement and veteran health programs. Most excitingly, the bill would also expunge the records of those convicted on non-violent cannabis-related crimes.

Amazon has stated that its support of the bill is entirely for labor reasons and that the tech giant has no interest in selling cannabis on its site. Amazon’s statement matches up with some of its recent changes to their internal marijuana policies. Most notably, the company ended drug testing for all of its employees in 2021.

Mace believes her bill will be able to garner support from both sides of the aisle. She predicts that Democrats will support the bill for its social equity provisions and that Republicans will support the bill for its state rights-focused approach.

Girl Scouts Says Selling Cookies Outside of Dispensaries Not Allowed

Is there a better place for Girl Scouts to sell their cookies than outside a dispensary? After all, desserts and cannabis are a match made in heaven.

That is exactly what an anonymous mother and daughter pair were banking on when they set up shop in front of a dispensary in Tempe, Arizona. While the pair saw huge success during their operation, the move sparked a viral debate about whether the practice was ethical.

Per the Girl Scouts Arizona Cactus-Pine division, which oversees all the troops in the area, the practice is not allowed. “Our policy is that girls cannot sell in or in front of any establishment that they themselves cannot patronize or enter,” said Felicia Thompson, senior director of marketing and communications for the Cactus-Pine division.

Do you think that Girl Scouts should be able to sell their cookies in front of dispensaries? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Harold Baker says:

January 29, 2022 at 7:13 am

Yes as a long as their is adult supervision sell the cookies. Pot smokers like Gurl Scout cookies. Do you think in folks home the girls don’t encounter pot smokers buying cookies? Pot smokers are good people, not near bars, damn drunks are erratic, in MY opinion.


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