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5 days ago

Weekly Cannabis Roundup July 3rd

A fraudulent doctor has risked the certifications of roughly 600 patients, Virginia officially decriminalizes possession, Colorado introduces social equity programs to help those with criminal records, and an NBA champion wants to develop health insurance specifically for cannabis users. Watch to learn more about the latest in cannabis news! Video Transcript The state of Virginia…

2 weeks ago

Weekly Cannabis Roundup June 26th

Do you think it’s ok for the US Attorney General to target cannabis businesses based on his personal opinions on legalization? Also, did you know that Portland City police have been earning money off of the backs of cannabis businesses? Thankfully, the World Health Organization wants to reclassify cannabis from its ‘drug’ category. Watch the…

3 months ago

How Cannabis Users Can Prepare Ahead of an Economic Recession

The world is on the verge of recession. Thanks to the pandemic, many nations’ economies have shut down. Many of us are without jobs or on an indefinite leave of absence. And there’s no timeline. We don’t know when this situation will end. In short, we have to accept that we might be here for…

4 months ago

How Does Cannabis Help the Body Maintain Homeostasis?

Homeostasis is one of those words that can be a little confusing. Many of us know that it has something to do with the body, but what exactly is a mystery to most. Homeostasis applies to all living things. When cells operate at their optimum level of performance, everything works better. An example where homeostasis…

4 months ago

Is CBD Psychoactive? Yes it is and Here’s Why

‘Cannabidiol (CBD) is not psychoactive.’ Many of you may have heard this statement that’s making its way around the Cannabis industry. However, that statement is wrong. CBD is psychoactive… it is just not intoxicating. Any individual in the cannabis industry, whether buying or selling, deserves accurate information. Allow us to set the record straight and…