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2 years ago

Kentucky House Endorses Cannabis With Passing of Medical Cannabis Bill

Kentucky’s majority-Republican House of Representatives passed a medical cannabis bill with a 59-34 vote on Thursday. The restrictive program, if legalized, would allow medical patients with certain severe illnesses to access medical cannabis.  According to the Associated Press, supporters of the bill cited its ability to “ease the suffering of many Kentuckians.” Democratic Rep. Al…

2 years ago

Malta Set to Become First European Country to Legalize Cannabis

On Tuesday, Malta’s parliament approved a bill to legalize cannabis in the country. Once the bill is signed into law, Malta will become the first European nation with legalized cannabis. The law will allow adults ages 18 and up to possess up to 7 grams of cannabis. Adults will also be able to grow up…

2 years ago

Credit Union Assocations Push Congress To Pass Cannabis Banking Reform

A group of associations representing American credit unions recently submitted a letter to Congress urging members to pass critical cannabis banking reform legislation. The move is just one in a series of initiatives that aim to protect financial institutions that work with state-legal cannabis businesses from being penalized by federal regulators. Because of cannabis’ status…

2 years ago

Connecticut Prepares to Launch Recreational Cannabis Market in 2022

Connecticut’s recreational cannabis market is gearing up for its expected launch in spring of 2022, MJBizDaily reports. Sales from the program are projected to bring in $250 million in the first year and $750 million by the fourth year. Despite a flurry of recent developments in New York’s adult-use market, Connecticut’s market is expected to…

2 years ago

Congress Passes Bill Allowing Researchers To Study Commercial Cannabis

The U.S. House of Representatives approved a bill on Friday that will allow researchers to study commercial cannabis sold in state-legal dispensaries instead of having to depend on government-grown cannabis, Marijuana Moment reports. The move comes after a University of Northern Colorado study revealed that federal research-grade cannabis is genetically closer to hemp, which only…