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Cannabis and CBD for Obesity

Obesity is a complex illness that has an excessive amount of fat in the body. It is a medical problem that increases your risk for other illnesses and health problems, including heart disease, diabetes.

Several causes make it difficult for some people to avoid obesity. Usually, obesity is the result of a combination of inherited factors, combined with the environment and personal diet and exercise choices.

What is Obesity?

Obesity is the medical term used to describe an individual who is considerably greater than what is considered healthy, and whose body fat exceeds the fat content significantly. An overweight person, however, means a person who weighs more than ideally.

Obesity is a treatable and manageable disease associated with having excess body fat, which is a worldwide health concern.

It is caused by genetic and environmental factors and cannot be controlled by diet alone. A healthcare provider diagnoses obesity and is categorized as a Body Mass Index (BMI) 30 or higher.

Symptoms of Obesity

Being a little overweight may not cause any noticeable problems, but once you have a few extra kilograms, you may develop symptoms that affect your everyday life. Obesity can cause everyday health problems like:

  • Breathlessness
  • Increased sweating
  • Snoring
  • Inability to perform physical activity unexpectedly
  • Feeling very tired every day
  • Back and joint pains
  • Low confidence and self-esteem
  • Feeling isolated

How Cannabis Can Help Relieve the Symptoms of Obesity

For those suffering from obesity, medical marijuana may be an appropriate alternative treatment option. Some chemical elements of cannabis, such as THCV and other cannabinoids suppress appetite.

The fat level in the body and its reaction to insulin, a crucial hormone to regulate the blood sugar level, is also influenced by these compounds. Cannabis can also be used to treat metabolic syndrome as a significant risk factor for diabetes, according to clinical tests for medical marijuana.

One research aimed at confirming the correlation between obesity and the use of insulin (IR) and marijuana. IR is a risk factor that develops diabetes — cannabis may also help with the disease. In the study, nearly 800 adults were examined by researchers. Medicinal marijuana was used by over half of them. The study analyzed multiple variables and showed fewer chances of becoming obese for those who used the herb in the past year.

Medical Cannabis Treatment for Obesity

Cannabis is often an active stimulant for appetite, so many people would think it would encourage weight gain by using it. But it is, on the contrary, linked to a:

  • Lower body fat percentage
  • Lower BMI
  • Lower insulin resistance
  • Lower fasting insulin

Different studies found also a lower prevalence of obesity among cannabis users in contrast with those not using the herb. Cannabis for obesity may also interact with or alter the intestinal flora in a manner that makes weight gain more difficult. Gut flora helps with healthy digestion as it breaks down proteins and dairy products. It also helps with certain immune system functions.

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Data Last Updated 03/16/2020