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Levi Roberts

Levi Roberts (he/him) is a cannabis enthusiast with a fierce dedication to harm reduction. He hopes to be able to fight the stigma and misinformation caused by the racist War on Drugs by normalizing talking about cannabis and providing reliable, factual resources for those looking to learn. Levi is a Jersey boy living on Lenape land in Manhattan with his spunky partner and two goofy cats.

Levi Roberts
Since March 27, 2024

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What is Full Spectrum CBD? Benefits & Uses
6 hours ago

What is Full Spectrum CBD? Benefits & Uses

CBD (cannabidiol) is a relaxing, pain-relieving cannabinoid well-studied for its therapeutic effects. It’s experienced a huge market boom and can be found everywhere from dispensaries to health food stories. CBD comes in many forms, including full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate. But what’s the difference between them? Let’s explore the world of full-spectrum CBD, how…

Blunt vs. Joint: What’s The Difference?
4 days ago

Blunt vs. Joint: What’s The Difference?

The cannabis industry is estimated by Fortune Business Insights to reach $44.34 billion in value by 2030. The general public is catching onto this special plant’s medicinal and recreational benefits–and there’s a lot to know about it! The terms “blunt” and “joint” are commonly confused by weed smokers, but they’re not the same thing. In…

Can You Buy Weed With A Credit Card?
1 week ago

Can You Buy Weed With A Credit Card?

Have you ever gone to a dispensary and been given cash back after paying with your card? Weird, right? Well, it’s not the dispensary’s fault. We’re in an interesting spot right now, with federal laws and state laws clashing against each other–and one of the results of that clash is that buying weed with a…

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