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An Effective Alternative to Pain Relief: Medical Marijuana

The Veriheal team got the pleasure of sitting down with a patient from Herbafi, a dispensary in Silver Spring, Maryland. Ramon had battled with addiction to opiates after seeking treatment for his pain. The prescriptions eventually led to heroin, but all was not lost. After […]

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Medical Cannabis IS an Alternative Source to Healing

Veriheal’s aim is to change the image of alternative medicine as they seek to create more ease for all users, more growth in the science, more access to all patients, and more transparency in the marijuana industry. The company is dedicated to the traditional limits […]

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This Patient Ditched the Heavy Narcotics for Medical Marijuana

Washington, DC patient walks us through how medical marijuana has helped treat her fibromyalgia, cranial pressure, and several other conditions that she had previously been prescribed heavy doses of opioids and other addictive pharmaceuticals for. One of the most common reasons people miss work and […]