Denver’s Mobile Cannabis Lounge, Veriheal’s Innovation Scholarship, and a 4/20 Letter to Biden

April 21, 2023 08:00 am ET Estimated Read Time: 3 Minutes
Denver’s Mobile Cannabis Lounge, Veriheal’s Innovation Scholarship, and a 4/20 Letter to Biden

Denver got a first-of-its-kind mobile cannabis lounge, Veriheal’s fourth annual Innovation in Cannabis Scholarship went live, and cannabis advocates are urging President Biden to take action.

Let’s dive into this week’s canna-news.

Denver Okays Mobile Cannabis Lounge

Denver made headlines in 2021 when it okayed the establishment of consumption lounges in the city. Unfortunately, strict indoor ventilation regulations made it difficult for hopeful lounge owners to legally open their businesses. As a result, only a single licensed cannabis lounge—Tetra Lounge—is currently in operation.

In an effort to get around these tricky ventilation rules, Colorado Cannabis Tours has taken a different approach—a mobile cannabis lounge. Earlier this month, Colorado Cannabis received a mobile cannabis hospitality permit. In doing so, the company became the second business in Denver to obtain the license.  

The company will be able to operate two cannabis-friendly vehicles within Denver city limits. The vehicles will serve as lounges where guests can light up before heading over to the company’s headquarters for more canna-fun.

Would you like to hop into one of Colorado Cannabis Tour’s mobile consumption lounges? Let us know in the comments!

Veriheal’s Scholarship Now Live!

Veriheal is proud to announce that its Innovation in Cannabis Scholarship is back! We understand that while higher education is incredibly important, it also carries a significant cost that has only gone up with each passing year. As such, we’re making our 2023 scholarship the biggest yet, with $10,000 set to be awarded to three lucky winners.

Apply For Your Medical Marijuana Card Today

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Applicants are asked to write a 1,000-word essay detailing how they think the cannabis industry can be improved. Essay submissions should be well thought out, detailed, and, most importantly—innovative!

Want to apply or know someone who may be interested? Check out our scholarship page to read the full application requirements. Good luck!

Cannabis Advocates Send 4/20 Letter to President Biden

Nothing brings the cannabis community together like 4/20. In recognition of the canna-holiday, a group of 85 civil rights and drug policy reform groups sent a letter to President Joe Biden and other federal officials calling for cannabis action!

The letter acknowledges the positive moves made by President Joe Biden, including his mass cannabis pardon and directive to review cannabis scheduling status. However, it also points out that both moves have their limitations.

For example, even if Biden’s rescheduling review results in changing cannabis’ status, the group says cannabis would still be criminalized and, in turn, continue to uphold the racial biases that come with its enforcement. Biden’s mass pardon, meanwhile, features a major shortcoming that excludes non-citizens from the order. Additionally, the pardon does not cover possession charges that have happened since the order was put through.

Check out the full letter here, and give us your thoughts in the comments!

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