National Cannabis Festival 2018

April 20, 2018 06:09 pm ET
National Cannabis Festival 2018

If you are interested in the cannabis culture and live in or near Washington DC, this is your chance to go to the 3rd  annual National Cannabis Festival. Maybe you’re even willing to take a little trip just for it. Last year we met plenty of people from all over the country. The event will take place on April 21 across from the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium, and there will be a plethora of cannabis celebration.

Of course, the festival is not only about having a good time; there is also a big focus on advocacy, education, and activism related to marijuana. The festival is an excellent place to educate yourself on the plant.

The festival started when a group of cannabis enthusiasts got together and had the idea to create this event. The whole purpose was to celebrate the progress of marijuana legalization in District of Columbia and other U.S. states. Despite the fact that the concept started in 2015, right after the passing of Initiative 71, a voter-approved initiative that legalized cannabis for recreational use in DC, the festival debut came on April 23 of 2016.

The festival debut gathered 5,000 attendees from 30 different states who were able to enjoy a day with food, drinks, education sessions, yoga, games, remarks from members of Congress and great concerts by the headliners De La Soul, Jesse Royal, BackYard Band and other artists. This year, the concert’s headliner is Cypress Hill. Some other artists will also complete the line-up of the festival like Beau Young Prince, See-I, DJ Ayes Cold and others. For the complete line-up and info about the artists playing there, click here.

In the Bulb Wellness Pavilion, you get to visit medical professionals, dispensary owners, holistic medicine products yoga instructors and more. Clonex Grow School is the perfect place to go if you grow your cannabis, or are interested in learning how. You’ll also find a photo booth there, charging station, places to buy your refillable container, in case you forget yours. Water will be free, so you can stay hydrated the whole festival.

How about the food? Well, there you will be able to visit the Munchie Zone where you will find many options for foods and drinks, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Hmm, food… and a cannabis festival… sound appealing?

In the Exhibitor Fair, you’ll get to find wellness products, demos, art, fashion and so on. Veriheal will be a vendor there, so make sure to visit us at the festival fair and learn more about our platform. The doors of National Cannabis Festival opens at 12:00 PM, and you can buy the tickets at this link. The costs of the tickets to the festival are of $42 and a fee of $10.49 and you need to be 21 or more to attend the festival. The tickets will be available on the day of the festival for $50 while supplies last.

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